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Abraxas Stage Company is a New York-based social impact theater company dedicated to the development of dynamic new voices in American theater. Abraxas debuts exciting, innovative works while also building awareness, mobilizing action and delivering portions of its proceeds toward under-served community causes. As part of The Company's goal to fuse art with social impact, Abraxas supports local causes that resonate with critical social themes expressed in its theatrical productions. The Company, which seeks to engage and inspire its audiences, operates as a non-profit organization that sources funding through production revenues, grants, investors, and private donations.

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Production History

Crazy Head Space  | Open: 03/12/09 Close: 04/05/09
CRAZY HEAD SPACE is a theatrical tribute to people living with mental illness, a musical tour of psychological disorders. Experience insanity at its most heightened, raw, and naked state. Based on the Diagnostic Statistical Manual by the American Psychiatric Association (the DSM IV), it runs the gamut A- Z; each letter of the alphabet tackling a different disorder. Celebrate mental disorder and in turn, the parts of ourselves that are often closeted, edited, or marginalized.