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Point of You Productions is a not-for-profit theatre company that performs original or classical works with specific allusions to current events or societal inclinations. Point of You Productions is governed by a panel of Officers and has an Ensemble of artists who write, direct, design, stage manage, perform, etc. Every member is capable and encouraged to try all aspects of production.

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Hurt So Good  | Open: 08/31/06 Close: 09/16/06
Meet Tom, boy next door and aspiring documentary filmmaker. Meet Cecily, the girl of his dreams and loving submissive who wants Tom to be her erotic Master... Wait, what?!?

Hurt So Good is a new two-act original play that follows the journey of one man exploring the world of BDSM. Tom and his crew embark on a touching and humorous journey into the city's kinky subculture as Tom rediscovers who he is and what he's capable of becoming for the woman he loves.

Point of You Productions aims to enlighten and entertain in an effort to dispel negative stereotypes surrounding the subculture. Hurt So Good is an honest look at love within the lifestyle - an S&M ‘coming of age' story for both novices and seasoned practitioners. Love, laughs and leather.

Featuring: Maggie Cino, Jessie J. Fahay, Marlise Garde, Sonia Gardea. Hailey Giles, Nicole Godino, Cedric Jones, Chris Keating, Amy Kersten, Tehila Kronfeld, Johnny Blaze Leavitt, Doralyn Leone, Alyssa Mann, Perryn Pomatto, Minna Richardson, Gerard J. Savoy, Marc Adam Smith, Courtney Tisch, Tina Trimble Savoy, Felicia Eugenia Velasco, Paul Weissman

LoveSmacked: 13 pieces that prove you can't use your heart and your head at the same time  | Open: 05/03/05 Close: 05/13/05
The things we love, oh how they do cost us... but, just how much are we willing to pay? The magic number is 13 in LoveSmacked: 13 pieces that prove you can't use your heart and your head at the same time, the third in Point Of You Production's original series I'm Just Saying.

LoveSmacked is a night of 13 monologues, sketches and musical pieces showing you that love does have a price and whether you pay it or not is up to you. Pieces range from a Catholic schoolgirl figuring out life, love and sex to a misunderstood wolf by the name of Big Bad setting the record straight. It's sure to be an evening filled with touching moments, laughter and above all, passion.

Featuring an array of New York City's best and most creative artists: Gerard J. Savoy, Johnny Blaze Levitt, Karron Karr, Paul Weissman, Jeff Love, Meghan Dickerson, Karen Benelli, Akia, Danielle Montezinos, Amanda Berberich, Marlise Garde, Renee Delio, and Crystal Franceschini. Directed by Marc Adam Smith with assistant direction by Sean Rodriguez.

Point Of You Productions is an Off-Broadway theatre company dedicated to presenting new and challenging works and giving its artists and guest artists a chance to address issues that confound the human sprit.

Point Of You Productions presents LoveSmacked from May 3 – 6 and 10 - 13 with evening performances Tuesday through Friday at 8pm at the Producer's Club, 358 West 44th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. Tickets are $15. For more information or to make reservations, call 212-613-6138 or visit www.pointofyouproductions.org.

Sunset Motel  | Open: 10/09/08 Close: 10/25/08
Two stores. Four broken souls. One night that will change everything...

PAPER THIN - Clark has just finished performing another set in what seems to be an endless series of sleepy Midwest towns when yet another groupie comes knocking on his door. Instinct tells him to let it be... but when has he ever listened to his instincts?

FAMILY VALUES - Jason is just passing through on his way to an office supply convention when he encounters local "celebrity" Amanda. They meet, they make out... then their worlds are turned hilariously upside down by an errant phone call and a pocket rocket.

The Fairy Tale Monologues  | Open: 01/11/06 Close: 01/28/06
Fairyland¹s usual suspects are jumping at the chance to tell you what REALLY happens when their story ends. Is it truly "Happily Ever After?" An evening of hilarious and heartbreaking monologues from such famous folk as the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Goldilocks and more! Not your children¹s fairy tales - bar on premises!

General Info: 212-613-6138