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Its mission is “Different Tracks to making Theatre”, and suggests not only a creative openness as far as the type or genre of work we are interested in – be it straight theater, musical theatre, solo performances, dance or a mix, but also pertains to our interest in exploring different ways on how theatre pieces are conceived.

When it comes to selecting material, ManyTracks has no political agenda, no beliefs other than the steadfast conviction, that it’s the questions that matter, not the answers. The world is a complex place, and for every position, there exists its polar opposite. Rather than taking sides, ManyTracks is interested in pursuing projects, which focus on presenting these conundrums that make our world.

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The Man In The Newspaper Hat  | Open: 03/05/09 Close: 04/01/09
MANYTRACKS is pleased to announce the world premiere of THE MAN IN THE NEWSPAPER HAT by Hayley Heaton, directed by Katrin Hilbe. THE MAN IN THE NEWSPAPER HAT plays a three-week limited engagement at the 45th Street Theatre (345 W 45th St). Performances begin Thursday, March 5th and continue through Wednesday, April 1st. 

The Man in the Newspaper Hat is a fictionalized portrayal of what went into the creation of Elizabeth Bishop's poem, "Visits to St. Elizabeths." Bishop wrote this poem during her visits with the controversial poet, Ezra Pound who was remanded to St. Elizabeths in 1946 after having stood trial for treason where a special jury found him incompetent. Each scene is built upon aspects of Bishop's poem and follows both characters as they come together, "poet to poet”.