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The Rivals  | Open: 02/26/09 Close: 03/07/09
In the depraved nightclub called BATH the wildest of desires can come true. This seedy underground petri dish is where you will meet Captain Absolute, who gets off on role playing & Lydia Languish, who likes to dominate. Julia Melville gets hot playing games & Faulkland likes to watch. The smoky haze of the dance floor finds the disgustingly dirty Bobby Acres trying on women's panties all while the heavily made-up Mrs. Malaprop works the stripper poles. Look closely and in a back corner booth you might find vile Lucius O'Trigger polishing his naked sword. Under the pulsing lights of a haze-filled dance floor beasty-boys David and Fag break-dance. Thomas likes to be choked. It's obvious because he's hanging from a noose. Come to BATH. You just might meet a girl named Lucy who hides things up her skirt.  A Comedy of (bad) Manners