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Immediate Medium, Inc. is a non-profit performance collaborative founded in 2002 and dedicated to building a community of artists through the creation of works of art utilizing live performance and multimedia. The company seeks to challenge formal distinctions between performance, dance, film, sculpture and architecture in order to create new works of experiential art that engage and provoke creators and audience alike. Members of the company came together at Yale while studying and exploring mostly traditional approaches to theatre, sculpture, film, photography and dance. After moving to New York, company members began to work across media and more collaboratively, not elevating one artistic medium above another.

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Production History

Chuck.chuck.chuck.  | Open: 02/10/09 Close: 02/28/09
With text inspired by As I Lay Dying, CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK. is a collage of spoken word, video, music and dance. An investigation of dislocation, failure and loss, the piece follows the family members of Addie Bundren as they decide to leave their home to fulfill her dying wish – to be returned to her birthplace for burial. CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK. charts their arduous journey and examines crises of family and faith.

The novel employs a stream of consciousness approach, unfolding through a series of interior monologues told by fifteen narrators throughout 59 chapters; events are fragmented, often revisited from several points of view. In CHUCK.CHUCK.CHUCK., the performers dramatize Faulkner’s literary techniques and layers of sound and video externalize each character’s inner life, illustrating onstage the beautifully disjointed world of the book.

Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris?  | Open: 06/09/10 Close: 06/26/10
Based on Gustave Flaubert's classic novel Madame Bovary, Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris? is a multimedia dance theatre piece that explores the catastrophic outcome of attempting to reconcile the reality of one's everyday life with idealized notions of romance and glamour. Combining video, live and recorded music and text, and choreography set on untrained dancers, the piece examines, in a non-narrative style, both Emma Bovary's unchecked fantasies and their eerie echos in the life of the novel's first English translator Eleanor Marx Aveling.

Doesn't Everybody Do It In Paris? uses live and recorded music and text, video, and choreography with untrained dancers, to examine, in a non-narrative style, the intersections in the stories of Bovary and Marx Aveling. The use of untrained dancers spotlights the thematic considerations of aspiration and failure within the piece and questions the traditional role of dance as an amusement for the elite.

The production features James Allerdyce as Edward Aveling, Max Dana as Léon Rodolphe, Brady Jenkins as Charles Bovary, Nathan Lemoine as Monsieur Lheureux, Nadège Néchadi as Eva Frye, Maki Takenouchi as Emma Bovary, and Siobhan Towey as Eleanor Marx.