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NOMADS (New and Original Material Authored and Directed by Students) develops and produces student-written musicals and dramas at Columbia University. We provide opportunities for all Columbia, Barnard, SEAS, and GS students to get involved with all aspects of theatrical productions from writing and composing to producing, directing, acting, designing, etc. Productions include Fourplay, Trees Like Nails, Sex, Death and Wheaties, 4D, Everything Different, Behind the Curtain, Alice and the Rock Band, and Wake Her Up.

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Plan B, The Musical  | Open: 01/23/09 Close: 02/07/09
Directed by Natalie Glick, Produced by Dana Everitt

PLAN B, a musical comedy in one act, tells the story of a young scientist named Johnny who is working on the Perfect Woman, a robot named Isabel. Old man Jack, his boss at the lab, makes fun of Johnny for his youthful idealism but secretly admires the perfect robot, who is much easier to control than his daughter Julia, the foul-mouthed garbage woman at the lab who knows a thing or two about science. Julia helps Johnny build Isabel, secretly trying to win him over and prove to him that only a real woman can in fact be perfect.

Starring Haley Greenstein, Jeff Julian, Gloria Makino, and Bryan Plofsky.