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Since meeting in San Diego in the late ’90s, The Nonsense Company (Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich and Ryan Higgins) have been premiering cutting-edge new works in the fields of contemporary music and theater, touring nationally and internationally to rave reviews in over forty festivals, theaters, concert halls, universities, and community centers. Their powerful material, spot-on characterization, and breathtaking musicianship have garnered praise from critics, audiences and fellow artists. Their newly-translated and adapted production of Brecht / Weill’s The Threepenny Opera was a Chicago Reader Critic’s Choice of the Year for 2006. The Nonsense Company is currently based in Madison, WI.

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Great Hymn Of Thanksgiving/ Conversation Storm  | Open: 02/03/09 Close: 02/15/09
Around a dinner table, three actor/musicians sing, pray, beat forks, deliver the news, and snap between scenes in mid-sentence in GREAT HYMN OF THANKSGIVING, a brutal deconstruction of War-on-Terror-speak. In CONVERSATION STORM, three friends from three sides of the political spectrum argue their way through a ticking time bomb scenario, brutalizing their own positions, destroying the lines between real and hypothetical, past and future, day and night. GREAT HYMN OF THANKSGIVING/CONVERSATION STORM was awarded “Best New Play” at the 2007 San Francisco Fringe and “Best of the Fest” at the 2008 NYC FRIGID Fest. CONVERSATION STORM has also been selected for publication in the anthology Plays and Playwrights 2009.