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The Vagabond Theatre Ensemble A vagabond is a wanderer, an individual who leads an unsettled and carefree life, lacking a permanent home. Players from all eras have supported themselves by wandering, seeking an audience wherever it may be found. We too are wandering through our careers, proudly wearing the title of artist. We intend to experience the world to its fullest and honor it in our creations, moving as gypsies through our careers and our lives. And so we gather as a troupe of vagabonds to create an ever-growing, ever-changing home of our own, wherever that home may find us. Our mission is to establish a community of artists and storytellers in order to stretch our artistic boundaries and imaginations. We encourage unique and daring explorations of our humanity and are committed to producing work that traverses the theatrical spectrum, theatre that is limitless in artistic scope and possibility. We strive to create topical and inspiring pieces to establish a dialogue between ourselves and our audience.

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The Wendigo  | Open: 02/05/09 Close: 02/28/09
Four hunters, lost in the Canadian woods, begin losing their minds and battling a gigantic, unseen creature in this adaptation of Algernon Blackwood's classic tale of supernatural horror.

In this adaptation of THE WENDIGO, playwright Eric Sanders has tried to preserve the almost unbearably tense atmosphere of Blackwood's story while injecting moments of stark and visceral terror. Sanders, along with director Matthew Hancock plan to create a world that envelops the audience so deeply that they almost feel the snow on their shoulders. Just as important as the surroundings, the show focuses on the five men trapped within this nightmare; for this is a moving story about people, shattered beyond belief by what they have experienced, trying to put their lives back together and move on.
THE WENDIGO features Erik Gratton*, Nick Merritt, Graham Oute