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In its 28th year, the WOW Café Theater serves as an incubator for tomorrow's theatre artists. Lisa Kron, Holly Hughes, Karen Finley, Lois Weaver & Peggy Shaw, Reno, and The Five Lesbian Brothers all developed their early work at the WOW Café. The WOW Café promotes the empowerment of women through the performing arts.

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Butch Mamas! Not Your Butch Mama's Comedy  | Open: 09/18/09 Close: 09/26/09
Butch Mamas! is a hysterical side splitting ensemble play! No facet of lesbian butch identity is left untouched in this wonderful debut by Ms. K.S. Stevens. Butch Mamas! is a humorous, intelligent, thought provoking, and moving play, for anyone who was ever experienced group dynamics and / or contemplated becoming a parent.

Corey (Ashley Brockington) recently graduated with her MSW and needs to complete her therapy hours for her license. She creates Butch Mamas! a therapy group for butch lesbians who want to become mamas! Little does she know, but she has created the perfect breeding ground for dysfunctional lesbians to process butch identity, parenting, failed relationships, and alternative ways to have children and make families. The hilarity ensues when the only consistent participants include a Teagan (Gayle Robbins) and Cassie (Jin-Xiang “Jx” Yu), a couple who broke up 6 years ago, without closer. In attendance are Robin (Cassie’s wife played by Minna Taylor), Alma (Lea Robinson), a lawyer and single woman looking for a surrogate, and Jasper (Micia Mosely), an AG who can’t get enough of being around her butch mamas, and Shay (Michael Abourizk) and Kelp (Becca Zaretzky), their well intentioned eccentric admirers.

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.

HyperGender Burlesque Presents: DIVAS  | Open: 03/07/09 Close: 03/07/09
Come and help us honor International Woman's Day and centuries of
struggle for the equality of all the genders. Marlena Dietrich,
Madonna, Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Annie Lenox, Liza Minnelli and New
York's own The World Famous *BOB* will grace the stage in this
celebration of gender liberation. We've come a long way baby and we
come in the nude!

Hosts: JZ Bich as Marlena Dietrich and
N as Madonna

The World Famous *BOB* as herself,
Miss LEZ 2008 Sequinette as
Dolly Parton
Akynos as Beyonce
Sir Real as Annie Lenox
Margoh Channing as Liza Minelli
Viktor Devonne from White Elephant Burlesque


Pre show Music to get your groove by N


WARNING: The show is rated NC-17!

The DIVA'S will unveil themselves on Saturday March 7th at:

WOW Cafe
59-61 E. 4th Street, 4th Floor
$10 Cover

RECESSION SPECIAL $8 if you come in with a flyer or a print out of this poster!

Reservations STRONGLY Encouraged call: 917-591-6185

Doors Open at 9:30
Show begins at 10

flyer artwork by N

Hypergender Burlesque Presents: The Feast Of Fools  | Open: 04/04/09 Close: 04/04/09
 It is two years anniversary for HyperGender. In these two years we have presented around 100 performers including spoken word artists, videographers, dancers and of course burlesque performers. HyperGender power duo has appeared in Boston, at New York Burlesque Festival and at many more places. Come and celebrate with us in this night filled with laughter and debauchery. Free cupcakes and birthday kisses for both HyperGender and our staff photographer. Don't let us blow alone ... candles that is!

Hosts: JZ Bich and N

Clams Casino, the winner of Most Innovative and Most Comedic performer of 2008 at the Miss Exotic World Pagent
Switch N'Play, the New York's leading drag king troupe
Carmen Mofongo, NYC's one and only Latin Lady With Stuff On Her Head,
Scout, the former title holder in the Miss America pageant system and a beloved comedienne
Courtney Weber, the tarot advisor extraordinaire of the NY burlesque scene
and video presentation by HyperGender's only and always amazing Anti Social


Waiting For The Show  | Open: 01/10/09 Close: 01/31/09
The action begins during an afternoon rehearsal of a fire-breathing, snake handling, come-to-Jesus anti-abortion skit in the basement of a major research hospital. Two women, Nina and Anne, diligently rehearse their parts as Maria from "The Sound of Music" and Founding Father George Washington. But mysteriously, every day at the same time, the rehearsal is interrupted by Nina's trip to the Treatment Room. Mad scientists Dr. Freud and Dr. Nietzsche enter to observe "The Treatment" that Anne administers to Nina. On this day however, all hell breaks loose.

The cast features Angela Carolfi and Kristin Ciccone.Lighting Design is by Parker Pracjek, Sound Design is by David Burgess, Photography is by Bill Hayward and Graphic Design is by Bill Weber. Production stage manager is Cleo Vivas Rojas.

Whore Logic  | Open: 02/14/13 Close: 02/14/13
Whore Logic is a burlesque performance combined with spoken-word - uncensored stories of a sexualized childhood and misguided sexuality plagued by patriarchy and a sexually repressed and intellectually retarded society. Enlightenment arrives when one woman discovers the joy of using her pussy for power, to pay her rent and to finally understand and accept her sexual objectification.

Whore Logic is a three-act illustration of a girl becoming a woman incorporating costumes, dance, and sultry burlesque sequences that will add humor and surprise. The show is also an event site as part of theOne billion Rising Campaignthat hosts a moment of dancing to protest violence against women.

Doors at 6:30pm

Show at 7:00pm

Tickets $12 online/ $20 at Door



AKYNOS Website: