Trick Saddle

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Wickets  | Open: 01/03/09 Close: 01/25/09
Set inside an airplane, the entire theater becomes the stage with high-flying action that takes place in and around the audience--in the aisles, galleys and lavatories of a trans-Atlantic flight. Immersed in a mystery, eight 1970's stewardesses find themselves split between the private self and the public persona in this radical adaptation of Maria Irene Fornes' play. Manned by a dedicated crew, Wicket Air Flight 1971 takes off just prior to the crest of the 2nd Wave of feminism on a journey where no man has gone before—to women's struggle in the workplace. On board, these stews look for mysterious signs of life and offer oxygen to a present-day feminism desperately in need of life support.

Co-directed by Jenny Rogers and Clove Galilee. Adapted and designed by Jenny Rogers, with choreography by Clove Galilee, videography by Jenny Rogers and an original soundtrack by the LA rock band Jetliner (fronted by lead singer Adam Paskowitz, formerly of The Flys). It stars Katie Apicella, Lee Eddy, Jessica Jolly, Christianna Nelson, Maria Parra, Kristen Rozanski, Lucas Steele Jona Tuck, and Elizabeth Wakehouse.