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People’s Theatre Project is committed to providing exciting new and classic works of theatre to the public in both English and Spanish. As a home for our passionate ensemble of artists, we firmly believe in theatre as a means for social change and are committed to creating a more just and peaceful world through powerful art. Through performance, education and outreach we aim to restore community and foster dialogue among people of diverse ages, cultures and economic backgrounds. In this spirit, all productions are "Pay-What-You-Can".

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Production History

No Exit  | Open: 12/18/08 Close: 12/20/08
Imagine being trapped in a small room with two questionable strangers. Forever.

People's Theatre Project presents No Exit, a fast-paced, frightening, and darkly funny cautionary tale of three poor souls who made some bold choices in life. This odd threesome quickly assumes they are in Hell, but are they? Have the choices we made in the past somehow sealed our eternal fate, or can we take action now and control our own destiny? NO EXIT encourages us to consider the choices we make and what might happen if we don’t.