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The International BTC is a New York City based theatre group, that has written and produced independent theatre since their formation in 2007. Their mission is to create a Little-ER theatre based on human connection, intimacy and that which is most ridiculous.


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Production History

95/turnpike/95: Chickens In Jersey  | Open: 02/25/09 Close: 03/07/09
An absurdly slow day on the Jersey Turnpike takes a sudden turn when two toll booth attendants face impending doom barreling towards them...

in the form of a truck filled with chickens.

Milo waits for his dream woman. Jane waits for tomorrow. And neither seems to be coming. With their reality twisted like a bad, bad bottle of peppermint schnapps they struggle to salvage their broken dreams when suddenly they hear a-cluckin'…

But what does it mean?


Mechanically Separated Meat  | Open: 02/24/10 Close: 03/07/10
FRIGID New York presents an International BTC Production:

First the Toaster gets a photo ID, then the blender gets an ID, next thing you know the Stove's stealing your car and the Lamp's huffing glue!

When a man refuses to respect his talking Toaster, the entire community launches into a debate of ownership, civil rights, and Robot Uprisings.

Plays I Wrote While Unemployed  | Open: 12/12/08 Close: 12/13/08
Three Great Days
Unambitious and unemployed, Brooke O'Manning interviews for jobs, visits her doctor and avoids an ever growing orgy in an attempt to simply bay her bills.

Another Bad Night at the Candy Factory

When Marty & Harry find themselves mysteriously trapped in a Candy Factory one evening, they think they've got it pretty rough.  Things are put into perspective when a third person arrives, determined to make a sacrifice.