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The Sybarite Chamber Players are devoted to expanding the repertoire for string quintet, the Sybarite Chamber Players break down conventional boundaries to establish a new genre of chamber music. Juxtaposing Stravinsky with Radiohead or Dvorak with Led Zeppelin, the Sybarite Chamber Players are considered one of the most versatile ensembles of their kind, pioneering groundbreaking performances of old and new. The group has appeared numerous times at the Aspen Music Festival and LaSalle concert series in Cincinnati, as well as Classical Thursdays concert series at Time Warner Center, Ten O’Clock Classics, the Museum of Sex, and the Cutting Room in Manhattan. Members have performed with some of the finest ensembles here and abroad, including the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, Elektra Chamber Players, New World Symphony, and IRIS Chamber Orchestra. Ongoing projects include: the Alternative Venues Initiative, a Free Family concert series in Aspen, CO, and an Annual International Composition Contest. The Sybarite Chamber Players is a non-profit arts organization based in New York City.

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The Dido Project  | Open: 12/04/08 Close: 12/04/08
THE DIDO PROJECT takes Henry Purcell's legendary English opera, Dido and Æneas, to new heights by setting it in our current, high-tech, information-driven world. Through a combination of video projections, audio recording and live performance, we will witness Dido's actions and glimpse her inner thoughts and feelings on her journey from untouchable power to absolute ruin. Led by theatre and opera director Pat Diamond, THE DIDO PROJECT features the creative talents of some of the most original artists in music and theatre today, including the renowned Sybarite Chamber Players and rising opera stars David Adam Moore and Blythe Gaissert. This will be a rare opportunity to see a project of high musical and visual quality as a free, public installation. By bringing together music, visual art, theatre and technology, THE DIDO PROJECT will carry the beauty, humanity, and emotion of Purcell’s opera into the twenty-first Century and make it accessible and relevant to today’s audiences.

Dido and Æneas is an opera by the English composer Henry Purcell. It is based on a story from Virgil's Aeneid, about the legendary Queen of Carthage Dido and the Trojan refugee Æneas. When Æneas and his crew are shipwrecked in Carthage, he and the queen fall in love. Dido sacrifices her kingdom and power for the love of Æneas, but Æneas foregoes his love for Dido and leaves her to achieve glory for himself by establishing the city of Rome. Dido, distraught and unable to live without him, takes her own life.