Flaubert Frog (Daniel Kitrosser)

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 11/09/08 07:08:22 PM
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Round the World with Flaubert Frog  | Open: 11/22/08 Close: 01/17/09
The annual storytelling amphibian welcomes children of all ages (even those who have to pay taxes) to the carousel at Bryant Park, where each week will yield a different interactive storytelling show, all FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Yes, it is outdoors, but with his hilarious sensibility and interactive flavor, Flaubert Frog (Dan Kitrosser) will warm us up by taking us to a different country each week, adapting folktales from the greatest folklorists of all time (Aesop, Scheherazade, Hans Christian Anderson, Zora Neale Hurston, etc.)

Flaubert Frog has become a staple of Bryant Park over the last few years and we're hoping to build on that very momentum, so list the show, review the show, and come see for yourself why already hundreds of New Yorkers have fallen in love with Flaubert Frog or see a Video of Flaubert Frog and judge for yourself!

(Flaubert Frog is canceled in cases of inclement weather.)