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"For Flow"  | Open: 11/06/08 Close: 11/23/08
The characters are rap musicians. The prototype is "Waiting For Godot." The author is from South India. The cast kicks ass. 25 to Life Productions, LLC will present "For Flow," a hip-hop Vladimir-and-Estragon play, at Theater for the New City from November 6 to 23. This new play by Kesav M. Wable borrows Beckett's existential landscape and transplants two "Beckettian" clownsrappers to be exact--to a lonely street corner in the Bronx where they wait for a record producer. They're later joined by a woman DJ and a Delta Blues guitarist who also meet at this crossroads in search of their own destinies. The characters share a soulful journey colored by live DJ sets, rap battles and blues guitar as they explore the philosophical genesis of rapping as an art form and hip-hop as a cultural movement. Jonathan Solari directs.

Each character in "For Flow" is a musician and during the course of the play, when egos clash and stories are told, freestyle battles, live DJ sets, and blues riffs color the soulful journey that these characters share. The play adopts a structure and themes that are parallel to "Waiting for Godot," but not its characters. "Their relationships are not actually Beckettian," says author Kesav M. Wable. "They're not as eccentric, but they are quire literary."