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Everyman  | Open: 11/06/08 Close: 11/22/08
Performances begin on November 6th for The Queens Players' all female cast in our production of the classic medieval play, EVERYMAN.

EVERYMAN is the best surviving example of the type of Medieval drama known as the Morality play. Moralities evolved side by side with the mystery plays, although they were composed individually and not in cycles. The play dramatizes the moral struggle that almost all Religions envisage as universal in every individual. The Queens Players all female production focuses on the journey of EVERYMAN whilst making a gender specific point in an almost Brechtian environment. The question of what parts do actors play in our collective spirituality is one that we explore through multi-media, original music, and dance. The actresses act not only as the characters in this allegory but provide the lighting, set, and sound for this production.

God summons the Angel of Death to bring Everyman to be judged. A complacent Everyman is informed by Death of the approaching end. The play shows the protagonist's progression from despair and fear of death to a resignation that is the prelude to redemption. First, false friends desert Everyman: Casual Companions, Kin, and Wealth. Everyman falls back on Good Deeds, Strength, Beauty, Intelligence, and Knowledge. These assist Everyman in making the Book of Accounts, but at the end all desert Everyman except Good Deeds. The play makes its grim point that we can take with us from this world nothing that we have received, only what we have given Everyman's victory over death is a triumphant expression of faith and doctrine but the play is not solely focused on religion.

EVERYMAN was originally produced in the late fifteenth century and is said to have been performed regularly. However, no production records exist. The first modern production was performed in 1901 by William Poel, founder of the Elizabethan Stage society. Maybe the most famous production of EVERYMAN was by renowned German director, Max Reinhardt, in 1911. The premier of Jedermann, the title of the play in German, was at the Zirkus Schumann in Berlin. The play took on a new feel with much of the religious dogma removed and a more focussed view that highlighted EVERYMAN's insatiable lust for life. Jedermann has been produced almost every year since at the Salzburg Cathedral square during the summertime.

The cast of Everyman includes Queens Players members Kirsten Anderson, Robin Cannon and Shelleen Kostabi, who are joined by Karina Bazelyuk, Alicia Blasingame, Melina Paez, and Nancy Crawford.


Long Island City Jazz Festival  | Open: 03/28/10 Close: 03/28/10
The historic borough of Queens has an illustrious history, which is linked to the development of Jazz. Queens was the home of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Bix Beiderbecke, John Coltrane, Fats Waller and is still the home of evergreen Tony Bennett, Sadly many of those giants are gone but most people don’t realize that deeply nestled in the neighborhood of Long Island City is a community of very talented jazz musicians of all sorts of styles and stripes. Even more surprising is that there have been almost no opportunities or forums for them to get together so audiences can acknowledge and celebrate their art…until now!


Come to the festival and experience a very wide variety of jazz; from traditional New Orleans, to Bebop, to Latin and experimental! ‘The Last Rhapsody ‘ - Exhibition of original photos of Jazz greats in performance including Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Don Cherry, Art Blakey, Joe Zawinul and many more by LIC Jazz Musician/ Photographer Pete Macnamara.

The event begins at 11am. A $17.50 Festival Pass comes with FREE JAZZ BRUNCH (courtesy of Sweetleaf & Breadbox Cafe) plus unlimited access to all of the performances throughout the day and evening! Come early and feel free to leave and come back.

Pirate Peteâ€s Parrot  | Open: 05/05/12 Close: 06/16/12

Ahoy, theatre-goers!  Climb on board and get ready for adventure in Secret Theatre’s new children’s musical, Pirate Pete’s Parrot.  In the tradition of the wildly popular English pantomime shows (first produced in the 1700’s and still popular today), Pirate Pete’s Parrot promises music, mischief, and a boatload of laughs for both children and adults. 
The play revolves around Pirate Pete, a lovable rogue on a mission to find his beloved runaway parrot, Polly (who prefers pancakes to boring old birdseed).  Upon setting out, Pete decides it can’t hurt to pick up some buried treasure, either, to help make the month’s rent.  Armed with an endearing crew of misfits like Jolly Roger (the insufferably happy second mate) and Miroslav, the Czech mate (get it?), Pete embarks on a journey complete with songs, sword fights, and plenty of audience interaction.  Says writer and star Richard Mazda, "The show is so much fun to do. One of my favorite things is seeing the parents enjoy it as much as the kids.”
Even the bad guys aren’t your run-of-the-mill villains.  Rounding out the cast are Baron Big Butt (an evil landlord with an augmented derriere), a lion named Bruce (trying to make it as the king of comedy, not the jungle), and Septimus Maximus Orribilus O’Connor (the Baron’s henchman, and a man who loves to make an entrance).  Indeed, children and adults will find a lot to love in this quirky production.  Says director Taryn Turney, "It's been great working on the piece with Richard. It's funny, fun and I hope that everyone will come and see it!"
Raft Of The Medusa  | Open: 07/20/10 Close: 07/20/10
ft of the Medusa is named after the painting by Gericault  which depicts the survivors of an 1816 shipwreck. Mutiny, starlism decreased the 150 people to 15 by the time the raft was found. It's a terrific metaphor for the subject of Pintauro's play -- a group therapy session for people with HIV and AIDS.

Director Alberto Bonilla has brought together a fantastic cast for this revival of a still undeniably powerful play. The play explores an explosive group therapy session for people living with HIV or AIDS. With a diverse group of characters, from homosexuals to drug addicts, from the rich to the fallen homeless, Pintauro's play shows how the disease they all share can both bring them together and rip them apart.

The group includes a wide range of people; straight women, drug addicts, convicts, bisexuals, gay men - everyone's got a story, and everyone's got a temper. It's a volatile mix, and the explosions come like clockwork. Fury, betrayals, resentments, violent attacks, helplessness, tears, confessions this combination creates a powerful and moving night of theater.

Cast: Greer Samuels as Jimmy, Chudney Sykes* as Niarobi, Amanda Tudesco as Felicia, Brad Makarowski* as Bob, Michael Oberholtzer as Larry, Shane Taylor* as Doug, Alex Cape* as Michael, Shannon Convery* as Cora, Eric Jones as Alec, Joshua Warr as Tommy, A.B. Lugo as Alan, Maxwell Zener as Jerry, Michael Satow* as Donald. Produced By Richard Mazda for The Secret Theatre.


*Actor appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Secret Burlesque Wants You  | Open: 07/24/10 Close: 07/24/10
One year ago Secret Burlesque put on its first show. Since then every third Saturday of the month at 1100 The Secret Theatre has been filled with Comedy, Magic, Stories, Sideshow acts and most importantly incredible Burlesque performers. The art of Burlesque is now a historical fact which transcends any humble origins to merely titillate. Most modern Burlesque performers are talented artists who put as much attention and effort into their acts as any actor. We are lucky enough to feature an everchanging roster of great new and established acts at our regular monthly Burlesque.

Fem Appeal was at our very first show and now she is back. Successfully producing her own show Kitty Nights every Sunday at Bar on A, Fem provides a unique style of Burlesque full of pop culture and high energy laughs.

Two Newcomers to Secret Burlesque are Lady Scoutington and Apathy Angel each with a dynamic personality and wonderful dance moves that round out the show and provide a new look into the modern movement of Neo Burlesque. Also returning is Paris The Hip Hop Juggler. And yes that is exactly what it sounds like. Fast paced feats of juggling to Hip Hop music that shock and awe. Face/Off Unlimited will follow with a rousing selection from their short form, competitive, audience interactive improv comedy show Friday Night Face Off, the legendary show that started it all, performing to sell out crowds every Friday night in Port Jefferson, NY. 20 days after the fourth of July come to Secret Burlesque and celebrate everything that makes this country great. Secret Burlesque Wants You to come see what everyone else has been saying is one of the best Shows in New York and the only Burlesque show in Queens. A guaranteed evening of entertainment and raunchy comedy that will make your week the best week ever!

Featuring our famous BBQ! On The Dock!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  | Open: 07/29/10 Close: 08/07/10
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a musical about six young people fighting puberty, nerves, and competition to win the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Three adults who barely managed to escape childhood themselves oversee them. This hilarious show makes a hero out of every speller and they all learn that winning doesn’t mean everything and that losing doesn’t make you a loser. Each performance, four audience volunteers will be brought on stage to be a guest speller, which guarantees every show to be unique and full of unexpected experiences.

The Secret Theatre’s production is Co-Directed by Will Lacker and Taryn Turney.  The musical direction is by Steven McCasland and choreography by Jessica McCuiston.

The cast is composed of Richard Altmanshofer as Chip Tolentino, Ali Axelrad as Olive Ostrovsky, Keith Collins* as Vice Principal Douglas Panch, Brandon Hightower as Mitch Mahoney, Helen Kim as Marcy Park, Megan Kip as Rona Lisa Peretti, Michael Mendez* as William Barfee, Taryn Turney as Logainne Schwartzandgrubienerre, and Max Wolkowitz as Leaf Coneybear. (* Denotes Actor appears as a courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association).

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a musical based upon C-R-E-P-U-S-C-U-L-E, an original play by The Farm. David Stone, James L. Nederlander, Barbara Whitman, Patrick Catullo, Barrington Stage Company, and Second Stage Theatre originally produced it on Broadway.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee features music and lyrics by William Finn and a book by Rachel Sheinkin. It was originally conceived by Rebecca Feldman with Additional Material by Jay Reiss.

For more information, visit the show's website at