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Cenicienta/cinderella  | Open: 02/04/12 Close: 02/25/12

Come enjoy the classic love story, seasoned with a bit of Latin flavor, about a young hardworking girl who dreams of a better tomorrow.  The piece is marked by romantic tango rhythms and is full of magic and wonder. 

Children will enjoy the characters of Cinderella and the Prince, the evil stepmother and Cinderella’s jealous stepsisters.  The story has a fun twist in which the Fairy Godmother is sick and a surprise character replaces her who makes children and adults alike laugh with delight.

Cenicienta/Cinderella is a bilingual Musical of the classical fairytale about a humble girl who works very hard to realize her dreams.  With a little bit of magic, and not to mention the fact that she’s the best tango dancer in the Kingdom, she discovers her self-esteem and wins the heart of prince charming.

Audiences are sure to be surprisingly amused by the traditional and not-so traditional characters that literally jump out of the book to give a fresh new take on this classic fable.  Narrated by a quick-witted, adorable Dwarf, aided by original music/songs, beautiful costumes and plenty of twists and turns, makes SEA’s production a classic in its own right.  In other words, children will be spellbound from beginning to Happily Ever After.

La Ceci  | Open: 11/28/08 Close: 11/30/08
La Ceci, under the direction of Puerto Rican Antonio Bones and written by the Cuban playwright Raúl de Cárdenas, is a theatrical monologue presented by actor Josean Ortiz who tells the story of a Cuban transvestite living through the painful solitude of exile. It shares the comical reflection of being both homosexual and Cuban as well as the conflict of his dignity.

La Cucarachita Martina/Martina, the Little Roach  | Open: 11/01/08 Close: 11/12/08
BORIMIX: Puerto Rico Fest 2008, presented by The Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (Teatro SEA), under the artistic direction of Dr. Manuel Antonio Morán, is proud to present La Cucarachita Martina/ Martina, the Little Roach, at our home base theater, TEATRO SEA @ Los Kabayitos Puppet & Children's Theatre, New York's ONLY Professional Latino Children's Theatre.

Based on Cuban and Puerto Rican folklore, La Cucarachita Martina/Martina, the Little Roach tells a comical tale of a little roach who, in her journey towards finding love, finds happiness and friendship.
With the use of colorful bunrakú puppetry designed by Puerto Rican master puppeteer José López, children will be transported into a rich, dream-like world where they interact with the characters and understand the communication of animals through the use of playful sounds!
Audiences of all ages (18 mos to adults) are sure to enjoy the Rock and Latin sounds that create this enchanting musical tale, which will be offered in both Spanish and English.
The Encounter of Juan Bobo and Pedro Animal  | Open: 11/22/08 Close: 11/22/08
Hysterical events revolve around these incredibly charming but not too bright characters. Juan Bobo and Pedro Animal are like Tweedle Dee and Twiddle Dum with a special touch, two kids from different islands that do everything backwards. Every other second they find themselves in sticky situations and that is when they turn to their most valuable resource: the audience.

Children participate in this circus-style play, and in turn see how these two characters find self-esteem and confidence. Audiences enter a fantastic environment with live music (drums, bells, flutes), choreography, puppets, slapstick and Dominican and Puerto Rican folklore/culture.

This four man show includes work from puppeteer, José López (winner of the UNIMA Citation of Excellence Award, the “Tony” of Puppetry), Puerto Rican actor, Manuel A. Morán, PhD and Dominican actor, Ricardo Hinoa, along with a secret musician/magician.