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 Figment Theatre produces new works, with a nerdy aesthetic.

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Barbarian!  | Open: 05/05/10 Close: 05/26/10
Barbarian! is a bawdy and audacious romp- a 60 minute "nerdcore rap" narrative, following Ozam the Barbarian's adventures in a far-flung, magical kingdom.  It is the first Fantasy Hip-Hopera.  

 Join Ozam the Barbarian and her friends as they sing and rap their way to glory.  Behold wild combats, contemplate outrageous lyrics, and immerse yourself in a fantasy realm.  Come see the show, and have a horde of fun!

Monster Uprising  | Open: 10/29/09 Close: 11/08/09
Monster Uprising consists of 3 new one-acts; off-kilter takes on classic movie monsters.

It is a followup to our event of last year, Robot Uprising, which called "a brilliant concept that is very funny and very well executed", and, "so much fun".

The one acts this year include:
Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein vs. Godzilla: Doctor Frankenstein and Mrs. Doctor Frankenstein try to reconcile their strained relationship while simultaneously avoiding being crushed under the mighty paws of Godzilla.
Third Shift: Which is worse, the curse of vampirism, the curse of a factory job, or the curse of marriage?
Transylvania is for Lovers: American Tourist is trapped in a Gingerbread house with a Hag, a Hunchback, and a Werewolf. Will she learn a few things about love?


See it at the Access Theater:
380 Broadway, 4th F.
New York, NY 10013
8pm performances on October 29, 30, 31, and November 5, 6, and 7
Matinee performances on November 1st and 8th

Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at door
buy online today at
Costume contest and Halloween Party on October 31st. Costumed attendees receive instant prizes.


Night of the Touching Zombies  | Open: 10/09/15 Close: 10/30/15
Unexpected Undead Creatures Abound in Night of the Touching Zombies- a dadaist humor/horror play, showing all this month at the Nightmare Horror Show.

This play is a love letter to thoughtful but silly horror productions, such as those of Dan O'bannon, Sam Raimi, James Gunn, and that sort. It also has roots in the EC horror comics of the 50's, and the Lee/Kirby "tales to astonish".

I was writing to see if you might have an interest in checking out the show for a possible write-up. If you let me know when you might want to come, I will let the box office know to comp you.

The play runs through october on the following dates, at the Clemente (CSV), 107 Suffolk:
7pm Oct 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 29 and 30
9pm Oct 20 8pm Oct 25

Robot Uprising  | Open: 10/10/08 Close: 10/18/08
Robot Uprising is a festival of 4 one-act plays, concerning the lives and loves of robots. It started with a contest in February, 2008. The rules were simple: submit a one act play 10-30 minutes long. The theme: "robot". What resulted were 4 diverse winning scripts that tackled the subject matter with sobriety, intellect, humor and grace.