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PAGE 121 PRODUCTIONS is New York theatre company dedicated to offering young artists the opportunity to present both new and established plays in their fullest, most giving capacities.

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Home Free! and Heracles  | Open: 09/10/08 Close: 09/14/08
Classic and contemporary collide in this unlikely pairing of Lanford Wilson and Steven Gaultney, two provocative New York playwrights. Home Free!, Wilson's beloved 1964 play about troubled siblings, is an endearing look at a deep love gone wrong, a piece that somehow finds "an astonishingly tender tension between sickness and sweetness" (Time Magazine). Gaultney's new exploration of the Heracles myth takes a powerful journey into the psyche of a haunted superhero. Together, these two plays capture the fall from a blissful fairy tale world into a terrifying new reality.
West Lethargy  | Open: 07/17/09 Close: 07/25/09
In this whimsical fable playing at 59E59's East to Edinburgh Festival, two couples headed West wonder why they've changed from ambitious pioneers to stir-crazy settlers. Does the Empire State Building hold the answers? Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to see Page 121's highly anticipated world premiere before its international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!