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Pericles, Prince of Tyre  | Open: 08/07/08 Close: 08/31/08
Originally set in ancient Greece and its environs, Pericles is the story of a man who refuses to stand up to a tyrant, choosing instead to run away. The consequences of his non-action lead him on a near twenty year journey through the Mediterranean, encompassing five city-states, and involving storms at sea, shipwrecks, jousts, brothels, birth, death, love, jealousy and reconciliation. Along the way, his and his loved ones' lives are touched by would-be murderers, knights, an apothecary/shaman, pirates, pimps, panders, and even a governor caught soliciting sex.
Though one of the Bard's lesser known and rarely produced plays, Pericles, like other of Shakespeare's works, continues to resonate in the 21st century. The story is a rough and tumble journey of action, adventure, tears and joy. A clever and honorable man finds himself on the run from injustice, makes a long search for personal fulfillment, undergoes a tumult of gain and loss upon the seas of life, and finally finds stability and peace through a rediscovery of faith. What could be more contemporary?