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FRANKENSTEIN With Mary Shelley and GABRIEL  | Open: 08/04/11 Close: 08/27/11
Redd Tale Theatre Company blasts into its fifth season with the world premiere of two original works, as part of its Summer of Creation

FRANKENSTEIN With Mary Shelley adapted by Virginia Bartholomew, directed by Will Le Vasseur, is a tight re-telling of the original Shelley story as told by Victor, the Creation, and Mary Shelly herself. We get to hear in the author’s own words how this legendary tale took form, and what it meant to her.

Immediately after, GABRIEL by Will Le Vasseur, directed by Lynn Kenny, takes the Frankenstein myth and transforms it to modern times. Henry, a geneticist, unlocks a vital clue to our evolution. In doing so he creates a future version of humanity, and discovers his own.

Having survived a transplant cross country to New York City, Redd Tale Theatre Company continues to follow its motto: “To Provide Enlightening, Entertaining Sci-Fi Theatrical Experiences That Contribute To Humanity's Next Step Forward.” Beginning in 2003 with a recreation of the 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds, RTTC followed the next year with the West Coast premiere of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens in Seattle. Then moving East, produced a successful run of Closer by Patrick Marber in 2007, and a critically acclaimed production of Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz in 2008. Its 2009 production of Maddy was critically acclaimed and subsequently published. Last year RTTC produced two full-length classical pieces, Macbeth and a new adaptation of Triumph of Love written by Le Vasseur.

…Impressive in every department…” Martin Denton,

To revive a Greek classic is a challenge, but to reinvent the enigmatic myth with new plotlines, characters, and dialogue that consistently retains thematic homage to the original is masterful.” Jennifer Rathbone,

FRANKENSTEIN With Mary Shelley and GABRIEL are part of RTTC's SUMMER OF CREATION, which also includes:

The Science of Massage    8/9, 16, 23 at 8pm and 8/14, 21 at 7pm $5
Sci-Fi Festival    8/7 at 2pm and 7pm $5
Doctor Who Marathon Nights!    8/8, 15, 22 at 8pm $5
War Of The Worlds Radio Show    8/24 at 8pm $5

Lonely Planet  | Open: 08/01/08 Close: 08/16/08
LONELY PLANET takes place in Jody's Maps during the height of the AIDS crisis. Jody has isolated himself from society while his circle of friends diminishes due to the disease. Carl, a close friend and daily visitor, begins to bring chairs into the shop: reminders of what's going on outside. Carl's light-hearted persistence to get him out the door forces Jody to choose between digging in his heels or facing his fears head-on. 15 years after it was written, LONELY PLANET remains fresh and relevant in light of today's rising statistics.

The production stars Will Le Vasseur and James Stewart with set & lighting design by Stanley Brode, Will Le Vasseur, Jessalyn Maguire and James Stewart, costumes by Jessalyn Maguire.

Macbeth and The Triumph of Love in repertory  | Open: 08/05/10 Close: 08/29/10

Redd Tale Theatre Company celebrates it's seventh year with a rep of Wills! The classic MACBETH by William Shakespeare and a new adaptation of the French classic THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE by Will Le Vasseur from a translation by Virginie Maries. 

This tightly edited version of MACBETH hones in on the ruthlessness of ambition. RTTC examines the play’s theme of grasping for power while adding RTTC’s tradition of making the audience shudder by bringing unexpected objects to life. THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE takes the original 18th century French farce and throws in a healthy dose of RTTC’s signature sci-fi twist. Princess Leonide had barely won the Prince’s heart when he and everyone they both held dear were killed. In desperation, she hires the help of a sorceress to bring her love back from the dead, but in order to do so she must prove to the powers above that she’s worthy of such a gift.

Maddy: A Modern Day Medea & The Swan Song  | Open: 08/06/09 Close: 08/29/09
MADDY is set in the heartland of America at The Corinthian, a trailer park. Against the backdrop of the original Greek tragedy, this production adds a Fringe/X-Files/Supernatural element into the mix. Maddy finds herself seven years into a relationship: Two children, jobless, broke, living in a trailer park, her lover about to marry the landlord’s daughter, and an impending eviction. Faced with mounting adversity, Maddy must decide whether her humanity is worth fighting for or returning to her former existence. Immediately after, THE SWAN SONG brings back ghosts of our theatrical past. An old actor awakes from a drunken stupor to find an empty stage, a candle, and former glories of his career.