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Beauty and the Beast  | Open: 11/09/08 Close: 12/30/08
There once was a young girl named Beauty who didn't seem to fit in. Her nose was always stuck in a book and unlike her sisters; she wasn't looking for a Prince Charming to rescue her. What she wanted was adventure and that's just what she found. In order to settle her father's debt, she goes to live in a magical castle with a mysterious beast. What she discovers is her true self, friendship and the meaning of love.

This adaptation, based on the original book by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, is filled with charming musical numbers, delightful dancing, endearing and amusing characters, wonder and magic.

In addition to the one hour and 15-minute musical, the audience receives a special treat - interactive arts workshops prior to the performance. Here the audience learns about the original book and how we turned it into a musical. We discuss the themes of the show and how the arts bring literature to life. Then the kids and their families make Beauty and Beast masks which they take home as a souvenir. Now when they watch the show, they are familiar with the art forms represented in the production.

The whole program (pre-show workshop and actual show) is approximately two hours long.

Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant" a musical  | Open: 09/06/08 Close: 10/26/08
Can the laughter of a child melt the cold heart of a selfish giant? Yes it can! This adaptation of Oscar Wilde's beautiful fairytale will warm the hearts of young and old alike. Step into Wilde's imagination as the story unfold through music, dance, storytelling and puppetry.
This production has been selected for the First New York Irish Play Festival. Join the pre-show arts workshop (at 10am) where you will meet cast members and the playwright while learning something special about Irish Culture.
Treasure Island  | Open: 02/08/09 Close: 05/10/09
 This tale about courage, discovery and the voyage everyone must make to find their true self, is enhanced with original music performed by an all-percussion trio. And what pirate musical would be complete without plenty of sword-fighting? The production is filled with funny-bone tickling pirate fights skillfully coordinated by the productions director Carlo Rivieccio.
Prior to each performance, families may participate in an interactive arts workshop. Here the audience discovers how different art forms bring literature to life. Each child gets to create their own treasure chest, discover what is special about themselves and store it away in their chest to take home. Coupled with the show, this two-hour experience adds up to a fun-filled afternoon for the entire family.