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Learn Me My Need  | Open: 06/20/08 Close: 06/28/08
"In a rough high school in New York City everyone needs something but no one seems to know where to get it. Teachers turn to students, students turn to teachers, and teachers turn to each other but someone is always left empty-handed."

Learn Me My Need delves into the world of high school and all its players. Ms. Klay is a 10 year veteran of teaching who has been assigned Chrys, a wide-eyed student teacher, as her charge. Ms. Klay seems to take a deep delight in cautioning Chrys at every turn not to get personally involved with students and maintain authority above all. Yet Klay seems to be developing a soft spot or rather, a fierce love and protection for one young firestorm of a student, Manny, contradicting her own advice to Chrys, time and time again. As Manny's wildness grows and threatens others, a tornadao of people are drawn in and the struggle to calm him rages. Will anyone find the simple center of his fire or will everyone simply burn?