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Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants  | Open: 07/16/08 Close: 08/02/08
Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants—a big epic naked ridiculous Shakespearean fairy tale for adults (comedy)
written and directed by Duncan Pflaster
presented by Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
featuring: Eric C. Bailey*, Patricia Comstock, Jon Crefeld, Keith Patrick Dunn*, Carlos Rafael Fernandez, Paula Galloway, Clara Barton Green, Jason Alan Griffin, Kelly Nichols Jonathan Weirich, Jess Cassidy White
An Equity Showcase
June Havoc Theater (312 West 36th Street).
Running Time: 90 Minutes

Prince Trevor is a satire of Contemporary Politics,
reflected in the Magic Mirror of Fairy Tales
injected with 42 ccs of Shakespearean Verse,
and dissected through the Ridiculous Theatrical style of Charles Ludlam.

When good King Kartoffelpuffen gives up his kingdom to his oldest son Tater and marries off his other children for peace (and for political gain), Prince Trevor, his youngest son, trades places with his manservant Grumbelino in order to escape his fate and find his true love, Toby the stable boy. Meanwhile, will Princess Lana find love with King Soignée of the Blind Sybarites, or will she continue pining for Geoffrey, her lost love? Will Grumbelino make friends with his new wife Queen Bluebella of Chryselephantinople and her harem of eunuchs, or will he foolishly poke his nose into the Forbidden Ballroom? Can anyone keep King Tater from starting a new war and destroying all their Kingdoms? Are the rumored Elephants of Style more than just a fable? Find out in Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants!

(Warning: the show contains nudity, sexual situations, foul language, and iambic pentameter- may not be suitable for all audiences)