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"700 Wives - The Musical'  | Open: 07/16/08 Close: 08/03/08
Musical-comedy based on the legend of King Solomon, who, renown for his wisdom, nevertheless struggled with his own human failings, while trying to please 700 wives; the story follows the steamy romance of Sheba - the Ethiopian queen who tamed him. Floridian composer/playwright Ginger Reiter is best known for "Pickles" based on her ten year romance with Comedian Jackie Mason and starred their daughter (Atlantis Playhouse, Florida 2003).
"..material far superior..." The Palm Beach Post 2007
700 Punchlines & Pregnant - The Musical  | Open: 06/07/10 Close: 07/07/10
Jackie Mason estranged lovechild Sheba Mason's musical-comedy on Jackie's  ten year love affair with her starry-eyed mother; David Gerson as Jackie Mason, Sheba Mason as her mother, Ginger, and a rambunctious cast of eight. Eighteen new showtunes including "I Never Met This Yenta" and "Ode to the Early Bird Special". Quips Comedian Sheba Mason:"According to my mother, they had a passionate lovefilled romance lasting ten years.  According to my father, they once made out in the back of an old chevrolet.  According to my mother it was a steamy and torrid affair. According to my father she was really with Rodney Dangerfield. At night, it's dark. Who can tell the difference?'  After a court-ordered bloodtest in 1988 in Miami, Florida, Jackie was ordered to pay eighteen years of child support, all of which is depicted in this delightful romp of a romance.