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Fallen  | Open: 09/09/10 Close: 09/19/10
Fifty7 Productions presents FALLEN, a new and original work by playwright Kyle Spidle.

Money makes the world go ‘round, or does it?  Meet Rob, a former international celebrity who exiles himself from lifestyles of the rich and famous as he questions what’s truly important in life.  Conflicted by modern society and its often tawdry values, Rob takes us on a thought provoking, heartwarming journey through his life as a celebrity turned recluse.  As he contemplates love lost and life’s purpose, Rob is forced to choose between succumbing to society norms or raging against them in a fight for what matters most.

In These Shoes  | Open: 09/21/09 Close: 09/27/09
“In These Shoes” is making its debut at New York City’s Producer’s Club this Monday, September 21, 2009.

Originally seen last spring to raving reviews and sold out houses, “In These Shoes” returns to the stage to again captivate audiences with its comedic and touching chronicle about a functional/dysfunctional family from Pennsylvania.

"In These Shoes" is the story of a contemporary family living in rural PA. The family is faced with dealing with the flaws within all of them. The parents are trying to hold the family together; their only son comes home after being absent for a few years and sees the family in turmoil. The sisters (a hypochondriac and a drunk) has been living at home and draining their parents of all of their money and energy. What do you do when you realize that your siblings are harming your parents? After a sudden death, the family is forced to face their shortcomings head-on.

In its previous run, audiences were moved to both tears and laughter as they easily identified with these vibrant characters on a roller coaster ride that hits close to home.

For press passes or further information, contact Kyle Andrews at 917.656.8822.

Shoes  | Open: 07/09/08 Close: 07/12/08
If you could choose your family, would you? "Shoes" is a contemporary look into the life of one family trying to deal with themselves and society in rural Pennsylvania. Dysfuctional, yes, but who's family isn't? Through laughter, tears and a lot of sarcasm, the characters in "Shoes" will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Although you can't choose your family, you can choose to come see "Shoes" and fall in love with this one.