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A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol  | Open: 12/08/05 Close: 12/17/05
The Holiday Classic, Revampted for Cynics
Colorful World  | Open: 05/08/08 Close: 05/31/08
In 1988, the world discovered a man who was indestructible, impervious to pain, and able to destroy a tank with his mind.

In the early- to mid-nineties, a craze where vigilantes dressed up in flashy costumes and fought crime took the nation by storm.

Now it's 2005. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are still standing. Hurricane Katrina has decimated New Orleans. The Iraq War is coming to a close. And several former costumed crimefighters realize their marks on the world are more akin to those of has-been rock stars.

This is "Colorful World," Nosedive Productions' latest full-length production that takes on the superhero genre. Far from a pulpy comic book-style romp, James Comtois and Pete Boisvert ("The Adventures of Nervous-Boy") envision a world radically changed by the arrival of an invincible man, and not necessarily for the better.

Dying Goldfish  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/28/05
Dying Goldfish_ is a bittersweet comedy about first dates, weddings and awkward displays of emotion. Two siblings -- Carol, a university instructor and Will, a lonely and aspiring novelist -- return home to witness their cousin's wedding and visit their uncle -- a former professor -- who has suffered a stroke that has destroyed his ability to control his emotions. This homecoming reminds both Carol and Will how separate their private lives are from their family lives, and how happy they are to keep things that way.
The Adventures of Nervous Boy (A Penny Dreadful)  | Open: 06/08/06 Close: 07/08/06
In the new black-as-death comedy-horror play from Nosedive Productions, the cruelly-named Nervous Boy wanders around a grotesque nightmare version of the city and comes across New Yorkers of every kind, from rude cell phone users, belligerent alcoholics, pretentious academics, screaming couples, demons from the underworld and brain-dead zombies as he tries to burn a recently earned paycheck in order to maintain his sanity.

The Adventures of Nervous Boy features graphic violence and strong sexual situations and is recommended for adults only.

The Blood Brothers Present...The Master of Horror  | Open: 10/09/08 Close: 11/01/08
In "Nona," while hitchhiking on a snowy winter's night in Maine, a college dropout meets and falls in love with a girl he'd do absolutely anything for. In "Quitters, Inc.," Morrison is going to quit smoking whether he wants to or not… but is the cure worse than the disease? And in "In the Deathroom," Fletcher, an ex-reporter from the New York Times, is being held in an interrogation room in a foreign land, with only his wits to protect him.

These are the tales that make up this year's THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT… series, Nosedive Productions' annual October horror show. James Comtois (COLORFUL WORLD, THE ADVENTURES OF NERVOUS-BOY), Qui Nguyen (FIGHT GIRL BATTLE WORLD) and Mac Rogers (UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, HAIL SATAN), three of New York indie theatre scene's hottest playwrights write three new stage plays based on stories by the Master of Horror, Stephen King.

In addition to these one-acts, the evening will also present vignettes based on King's "Survivor Type," "Paranoid: A Chant" and "The Last Waltz." The evening will be directed by Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer.

THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT...THE MASTER OF HORROR features graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

The Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror  | Open: 10/19/06 Close: 10/28/06
An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror
Featuring The Final Kiss & The Kiss of Blood

The Final Kiss by Maurice Level
Directed by Pete Boisvert

The Kiss of Blood by Jean Aragny and Francis Neilson
Directed by Patrick Shearer

In the depths of a sanitarium, a horribly disfigured man totters between forgiveness and revenge. In a small hospital operating room, a stranger asks the surgeon for a bloody favor. In a small New York theatre, two eerie siblings lead their captive audience through a
funhouse of madness, chills and blood.

Through two one-act plays and three original vignettes, The Blood Brothers present a rare
peek into a style of theater that proliferated in the early-1900's and was eventually assimilated in the late-1970's and 1980's into the "splatter" genre of horror films. Blending suspense, stage magic, eroticism and farce, Grand Guignol was a powerful theatrical
entertainment drawing an audience from every echelon of Parisian society – anyone in search of a sexy, scary thrill.

Deatures graphic violence and strong sexual situations and is recommended for adults only.

The Blood Brothers Present: PULP  | Open: 10/11/07 Close: 10/27/07
A deranged psycho killer, deaf to pleas for mercy, tries one last-ditch effort to dodge the cops through the reluctant help of one terrified hostage. Molly, a young teen looking for a quick snog in the woods, now has to cover a zombie hicky. And Brianne has to keep Marybeth from pulling the trigger for just eight more minutes, but learns that, when talking for one's life, time has a way of slowing down.

This is THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT: PULP, Nosedive Productions' follow-up to last year's Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror. James Comtois ("The Adventures of Nervous-Boy"), Qui Nguyen ("Men of Steel," "Living Dead in Denmark") and Mac Rogers ("Universal Robots," "Hail Satan"), New York indie theatre scene's hottest -- and let's face it, sickest -- playwrights write three original works inspired by the pulp horror comics and short stories of the 1940s and ‘50s.

In addition to these one-acts, the evening will also present original vignettes directed by Pete Boisvert, Rebecca Comtois, Patrick Shearer and Stephanie Williams.

THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT: PULP features graphic violence and strong sexual situations and is recommended for adults only.