The Lion Pinball Players

Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 06/22/09 01:39:18 AM
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Bringing forgotten entertainments and stylistic homages to the stage, the Lion Pinball Players exist only to please.  Your laughter is their dinner bell.  They subsist on a diet of your merriment!  Feed them well, and together we'll all grow fat with pleasure!

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Production History

Cocktails At The Centre Of The Earth  | Open: 07/08/09 Close: 07/12/09
The Lion Pinball Players, freshly escaped from Witch Prison, present a science-fiction drawing room steampunk chamber play with music.

In a world where mummies are torn from their tombs to be used as fuel, thrill to the adventures of the idle rich on the look-out for increasingly dangerous kicks. 

Jetpacks! Talking foxes! Disguises! Perversions! 

Can Lansing and Helena, two street urchins with a dangerous secret, storm the exclusive gates of the Albion Club? Will pneumatic tubes lift them to the soaring heights of the exotic Cygnus Lounge? Will a plastic surgery-addicted fox survive to swim with seahorse servants in a dome beneath the sea?  Will scarab-bearing terrorists sink the Colonel's steam ship?

Gaiety without Vulgarity!  Amusement without Compromise! Constellations brought to life!

Featuring Borts Minorts and the music of Richard Grant.

Witch Prison  | Open: 07/02/08 Close: 07/06/08
A terrifying glimpse behind the hex-stained walls of the notorious Camp Cauldron! Can a private eye uncover the dread plans of the Wardlock (half warden, half warlock, all fiend!) before an innocent witch falls prey to the depraved appetites of...Witch Prison? Featuring a performance of the album "Live From Witch Prison" by Johnny Craft and the Craft Brothers.

A mash-up of Women-In-Prison, Satanic Cheerleader and Private Eye films - Live on Stage!

Illegal Spells! Forced Confessions! Menacing Imps! Lurking Familiars! Necromantic Passion!

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