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Last Update: 05/19/08 02:24:58 PM
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we are the theatre company that wakes up screaming

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Suicide Sundays  | Open: 05/28/08 Close: 06/01/08
Amidst a threatening world of noise and demolition, three old friends with the same first name drink and scheme and try to remember how to tie their bowties for The Cotillion. When it becomes clear that no space is safe and no building sacred, one of them is compelled to do something to protect his friends, his barn, and the girl he doesn't love.

Suicide Sundays, the inaugural production from fallingdreamPRODS, is a deadpan, deadly serious meditation on death and the passing of time.

What is a society anymore? To whom are we indebted as citizens? As friends? As old flames? And why, for the love of God, DON'T we all kill ourselves on a Sunday? Suicide Sundays pokes around in the dirt at the edge of the river and wonders about all this. Then wonders how much gin is left back at the barn.