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AliceGraceAnon  | Open: 10/18/12 Close: 11/09/12

A curious girl who falls down a rabbit hole. The lead singer of an iconic ‘60s rock band. The poor, nameless star of a classic druggie diary. Three oddly connected heroines inhabit three separate worlds, playing out their stories exactly as expected. But when those worlds suddenly collide – really, they collide -- they all start to wonder… who's really controlling my destiny?
The production is designed to feel like a ‘60s-era "happening," an event which uses familiar materials in new ways to make participants question their approach to experience. The concept will extend throughout the ample Irondale space -- including the balcony, where audiences will enter the theater through an interactive installation, which explores the backstory of the three protagonists. There, text from their stories mingles with art-school style constructions; and soundscapes and live video create the sense that everyone is a voyeur.
The Great American All-Star Traveling War Machine  | Open: 05/16/08 Close: 06/19/08
The Great American All-Star Traveling War Machine is a 90 minute cabaret combining songs from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, both World Wars, Viet Nam, and the Iraq War with scenes, sketches and monologues taken from Lewis Lapham's "States of War" which contains first hand accounts, speeches, poetry, songs, and more related to the machinations of war and the people who perpetuate, or try to stop them. Dramatized documents go as far back as the Trojan War down through history to the present times.