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A GHOST TALE  | Open: 10/17/19 Close: 10/19/19
Interpreted from a 17th century exorcism story, A Ghost Tale follows Alma, a young girl who has been possessed by a spirit. This contemporary adaptation is founded on a scholarly look into the dybbuk stories in the Jewish world, and their function as a form of pulp fiction in shtetl environments. In this version, a departure from the norm, Alma attempts to fight the spirit on her own.

A Ghost Tale was created in collaboration with Roni Cohen, a scholar of 16th and 17th century popular Jewish literature, and features puppets designed and crafted by Brecher.

Brecher, a puppeteer, artist, and teacher from Tel Aviv, combines autobiographical details with political and historical events. He has written sketches for television, and performed in the television shows Srugim and Stissel.

US Premiere

APPEARANCE - A Suspense in Being  | Open: 05/06/08 Close: 05/17/08
At its heart, "Appearance - A Suspense in Being" is a performance piece about acting. In that respect it is unusual, since so much experimental theater is now devoted to movement theater and multimedia. Altomare and Crispino have devised a performance structure which focuses primarily on the actor's work, as revealed to the audience in a series of solo "exhibits" and group improvs. There is a stiff dose of Meyerhold in it, since Carlo Altomare is one of the few experts in Meyerhold's Biomechanics worldwide. Its centerpiece text is taken from the poetry of Octavio Paz, expressing the issue of the experience of being, the self, and the other. Other verbal and nonverbal texts are drawn from the actors' unconscious and their reporting in real time about their experiences and intentions.

What is it, about the art of acting, that touches us so deeply? It is, after all, an inherent deceit, in which the actor convinces us that they are someone else. What is the discourse between who we are and what we do? Why is that distance so compelling and moving within the self?

"It is new, but building on the work of Meyerhold, Artaud, The Living Theater, The Open Theater and Grotowski. It takes their work to the next plateau. I was mesmerized by the four performers. They were exposed yet in command, vulnerable yet empowered by the techniques that Carlo Altomare and Orietta Crispino have evolved at the Theaterlab, their home on 14th St. " – Larry Loonin

"The magnificent actresses of the ensemble shine in something that I can only call a mixture of Alexander Moissi and Jim Carey. Sentences cut in half, caricaturing our post-modern need, always more and more of what we want in this insatiable society. " – Gerald Thomas

Empath  | Open: 11/29/18 Close: 12/09/18
In EMPATH, writer/performer David Sauvage chronicles his own spiritual coming-out as the titular empath – a person hypersensitive to the emotions of others to the point of experiencing them as his own. Part story of personal discovery and healing, part performance art piece featuring live readings with audience members, the show follows the past decade of its creator’s life. Tracing his transformation from skeptical empiricist into purposeful performer-healer, Sauvage’s work is about bringing people back to the truth of who they really are.



GLIMPSE: THE ART OF DYING  | Open: 04/22/15 Close: 04/24/15
Carolina Fonseca Morais, creator and star of Poet in New York and Lorca! Duende!, returns to New York with her latest show Glimpse: The Art of Dying.

This show is an immersion into the world of the dead and the living, and also on the process between the two. Death itself, its expansion, depth and magnificence is considered here as a study and compilation of different perspectives (or religions), namely Buddhist, Christian and Sufi (…). The show is divided into three acts: Life, the Between and the Death of a Dancer.

Carolina Fonseca uses techniques inspired on Flamenco, Sufi dance and Gypsy dances from Eastern Europe, Russia and Hungary, temporizing and breaking up in time and in space, what could be considered the conventions and traditions of these cultures, into new languages and forms brought to our times. Besides these influences and references, The Glimpse is also based on literary works such as Glimpse after Glimpse by Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan book of living and dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, The Wheel of Time by Carlos Castaneda, The Book of Prayers, the Holy Death in Mexico by Rodriguez dos Reis and Sufi Poetry, the Loving Death by Sufi Rumi.

Created, interpreted and danced by Carolina Fonseca (Portugal)
Live music interpretation & performance: Hamidreza Maleki (Iran)
Video installation: Pedro Maia (Portugal)

I Hope To Find You At The End Of This  | Open: 10/10/15 Close: 10/10/15
i hope to find you at the end of this is a durational and iterative process that focuses on the yearning for a lover who is no longer around and a past that cannot be relived. It is an attempt to be honest with oneself by tracing the line back to her end, my beginning / through the whats and whys of her suicide and the hows of moving forward. The process is carried out every October 10, with the last iteration being put to rest when there is nothing left to yearn for and mourn for anymore.

i hope to find you at the end of this
in its second iteration, is the shedding of my hair as a remembrance to my N. W. and to the part of me that she had loved most. 843 days before the fact, with my hair covering the side of her neck, she told me once that everything will be okay.

2:00PM – Hair shedding
2:05PM to 8:00PM – Weaving
[Hair donations can be placed next to
the loom throughout the performance]

The performance is free and all donations will go to the It Gets Better Project to raise awareness, fund suicide prevention and anti-bullying programs for LGBTQ youth.

JOURNEY  | Open: 09/22/15 Close: 09/22/15
Journey by Muriel Louveau will combine 2 theatrical pieces that both share the similar theme of straddling the space between light and darkness , wakefulness and sleep transforming the viewers perception of time and space into a surreal experience.

Mary Shelley project is a new piece in collaboration with artist Autumn Kioti which reaches back in Time to explore , commune with and inhabit the dreamscapes of the author of Frankenstein.

Muriel and Autumn will create a musical dance theatre tying some biographical, contextual and fictional elements together into an emergent whole.

Muriel will also present a new staged version of Skana, The music , taken from the album written by M Louveau and american composer Charles Kim is inspired by far off lands,foreign languages and coming from liturgical as well as poetic sources.

Emily Pope Blackman (member of WHITE WAVE, Douglas Dunn, Tiffany Mills, Hillary Easten dance companies)joins Muriel to create dance works in response to her singing , echoing to the variable tones reflected in Muriel’s voice and blending with ethereal , watery lighting atmospheres

Journey celebrates Poetry merging with sound and dance, while creating a sense of immersion into the dream. The over-all effect is like a poetic, meditative, audio/visual wave.

Presented as part of Theaterlab's Mi Casa Es Su Casa series.

LEVIAH  | Open: 10/23/18 Close: 10/24/18
Theaterlab presents the US premiere of Leviah, Reut Shemesh's visual memoir about vulnerability, power, and powerlessness.

“My very tight uniform has become a symbol; a symbol of lost dreams and sexual confusion.”

Choreographer Reut Shemesh shares a collection of memories from her service in the Israeli military and brings into awareness a phenomenon that has not often been spoken about: the emotional difficulties and despair that female soldiers experience in junior positions. Many of them suffer from a loss of control, eating disorders, and endure sexual harassment. The work tests the borders between vulnerability and control, the transition from human to mechanic and the collision between present and past. LEVIAH brings into light the effect of political processes on the individual’s psyche.

Winner: Cologne Tanz- und Theaterpreis 2017.

Winner: audience prize Festival 638 KiloTanz Essen.

»Leviah« is big, dark, brave, personal, but not private. Reut Shemesh allows dance to handle the art of dealing with vulnerability without portraying the victim as small and powerless”
– M. Suchy TanzMagazine August 2016

Music: Simon Bauer 
Scenography: Ronni Shendar 
Costume: Dario Mendez Acost
Dramaturgy: Daniel Rademacher
Managemen:t Sabina Stücker 
Camera & Photography: Ronni Shendar
Photography: Sasa Huzjak

RUINS OF ACHELACH, RESTAGED  | Open: 01/08/17 Close: 01/08/17
Michelle Levy summons the serendipitous elements that brought her to this moment: a déja vu in a field; a religious craving; an overlooked report card that is very, very old; a letter drafted from the sky; a grandmother’s cryptic message; a scotch sour; Poland; and possibly, falafel.

Performed at the intersection of premonition, research and reanimation, Ruins of Achelach shares a genealogical mystery as it unfolds.

Presented by Theaterlab as part of its Solo Sunday Series.

Concept, audio/visuals, script and performance by Michelle Levy
Developed with and directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde
Lighting Design by Guy de Lancey


Reno: Alive In America  | Open: 05/11/13 Close: 05/18/13
 RENO: ALIVE IN AMERICA is the newest, electrifying solo show by the woman the New York Times has hailed as “consistently, energetically, loudly funny.”

Being Alive in America comes with all kinds of uninvited responsibility. You’ve got to apply for a social security number, for instance, a day or so after you’re born. Welcome to the world. Now, initial here…and here.

And no one warns you about it. No one tells to prepare your John Hancock in utero. And no one tells you you’re going to have to know all about stocks and bonds to get by as an adult. Not just a suit-wearing, day-trading climb-the-corporate-ladder kind of adult but ANY kind. You might be a colorist but you’re supposed to have a financial portfolio. Heck, you might be a subterranean, left-handed lesbo and be expected to have one. And that pisses Reno off!

SNOW IN THE LIVING ROOM  | Open: 11/06/14 Close: 11/23/14
In Snow in the Living Room, Orietta Crispino presents a visually striking and poetically sensual distillation of the classic Snow White fairy tale. Inert in her crystal coffin, Bianca finds that her liberation will never come from a redeemer outside herself; instead, she must acknowledge her own fractured soul and accept death as a facet of what it means to be fully human. Echoing the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Snow in the Living Room exists in the interstitial space between body and self. It is a dynamic story of fear and desire, told through splintered mirror images and complex soundscapes.

“I can’t escape my Shadow…”

Snow in the Living Room, written by Orietta Crispino as a poetic monodrama in Italian, has been adapted and translated into English by Marco Casazza. Crispino will direct Liza Cassidy (Patricia Wilson’s zia dance Company, Three Sisters Come and Go) and herself on a set installation created by Norwegian visual artist Vibeke Jensen.

Snow in the Living Room is from the same team that brought Three Sisters Come and Go, which was set between the apparently opposite poles of Chekhov and Beckett through the lens of French philosopher Julia Kristeva. raved that the piece is “quite possibly the best abstraction of all the things that make Chekhov’s plays so marvelous that I’ve ever seen.”

Written & Directed by Orietta Crispino
Translated & Adapted by Marco Casazza
Performed by Liza Cassidy & Orietta Crispino
Scenic Design by Vibeke Jensen
Costume Design by Sara Baldocchi Byrne
Sound Design by David Margolin Lawson


SUCH NICE SHOES  | Open: 04/06/17 Close: 04/08/17
Christine Renee Miller's solo show asks, "What happens when you mix über wealthy yoga clients, the MTA, the city's homeless, crappy auditions, and breast cancer?"  A typical New York City day.

Lighting Design: Kia Rogers
Projection Design: Lianne Arnold
Stage Manager: Gahlia Eden
Produced by Theaterlab

"Hilarious and heart-wrenching!" - Theatre Is Easy

"Miller's performance is astounding. She seamlessly transitions between characters, embodying each role she portrays with graceful shifts." -

"Full of heart and soul" - Plays to See

Theaterlab 5th Anniversary Fundraiser  | Open: 10/24/10 Close: 10/24/10

THEATERLAB will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a fundraiser, hosted by noted comedian Reno on Sunday, October 24, 2010 from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm at its downtown Manhattan complex. 

Drink – Food – Music – Entertainment – Very Cool Silent Auction!

Theaterlab is an artistic laboratory dedicated to research into the nature of live performance and providing affordable space to the artistic community at large for the development of new works.

Since 2005, Theaterlab has presented daring new pieces, primarily in the fields of theatre, music and performance art, such as:

•Three Sisters Come and Go, a stunning theatrical production drawing from the texts of Anton Chekhov, Samuel Beckett and Julia Kristeva. Critics hailed it as a “breathtaking experience” and a “mesmerizing feast for the eyes and the mind.”

•EXCAVATION, a two-year action painting cycle featuring the painter Naoki Iwakawa and composer Carlo Altomare.

•MMiX Festival of Interactive Music Technology, featuring cutting edge digital music performances by Todd Reynolds, Luke DuBois, Bora Yoon and more. Curated by Patrick Grant and Jocelyn Gonzalez.

•Appearance – A Suspense in Being, a theatre piece that explores new directions in the art of acting.

In addition to its in-house productions, Theaterlab hosts visiting local artists as well as residencies for international performers and teachers. Some of our most recent resident artists include:

•Carolina Morais Fonseca (Portugal), Gypsy and Flamenco Duende, who will present her latest piece, A Poet in New York, based on Federico Garcia Lorca’s text, November 17 – 20.  She is currently teaching dance classes three times a week.

•Celebrated Dutch movement theatre artist Linda Olthof.  She completed her third residency in August, presenting a new dance-theatre work, Dreampalace: Let The Right One In, and conducting a very successful workshop.

•Jef Johnson, renowned principal clown of Slava’s Snowshow.

•And this year's Obie Award winning Secret City, which concluded its third year of monthly events at Theaterlab. 

The 5th Anniversary Fundraiser will feature live performances by Carolina Morais Fonseca (Gypsy & Flamenco Duende from Portugal) and Theaterlab co-founder Carlo Altomare as well as a silent auction of artwork, theater tickets, amazing spa packages, handbags and more.

True Believer  | Open: 04/17/15 Close: 05/09/15
A new play about identity, radicalism, and the passion of youth by Asa Merritt.  A young journalist returns from the Arab Spring hungry to build a more just society at home. Yet after she fails to publish her writing and can no longer relate to her apathetic peers, despondency sets in. Insomnia--a domestic terrorist group--reverses that. By recruiting her to write their manifestos they give her the agency she craves. Soon she is embroiled in an attack against her own country. As Insomnia moves closer and closer to taking action, a romance with another woman in the group, and a powerful conscience, threaten her commitment to the cause. Which will win out--her passion for people or her passion for justice?

Joshua Kahan Brody directs Kersti Bryan* in a solo performance with original live music by Bay Bryan. 

*appearing by special arrangement through Actors' Equity Association.

WILD CHILD IN THE CITY  | Open: 09/30/16 Close: 10/02/16
Tjasa Ferme combines her European sensibility and Kafka-esque sense of irony with down-to-earth toughness of a New York single girl who has seen it all. It is a story so unbelievable, twisted, and smelly that it must be true. The writer-performer recalls the top 10 experiences that occurred in her roughly 25 different rented apartments in New York. In the first scenario, as reported by WABC’s Eyewitness News, an intruder claims to be Tjasa’s boyfriend. In another, a subletter turns out to be a relapsed heroin addict who, in one of his fits, smears the walls with his own feces. Part dark comedy, part rant with a strong feminist twist, part immersive theater experience, WILD CHILD IN THE CITY proves with grit and wit that in New York City, the truth is often much stranger than fiction.

Audience Choice Award Winner, 46th TSD – 46th Week of Slovenian Drama

Part of Theaterlab's Fall in Love with Solo season.

WILDWOOD FLOWERS  | Open: 09/24/15 Close: 09/26/15
The US premiere of Wildwood Flowers by Israeli-born, Germany-based choreographer Reut Shemesh will be a part of Theaterlab's ongoing Mi Casa Es Su Casa series, which presents an innovative range of international artists in sharp relief.

Wildwood Flowers received its world premiere in Cologne in February 2015. Shemesh will recreate the piece with four New York-based dancers: Karesia Batan, Jessica McCarthy, Maya Orchin and Schuyler Whittemore.

Wearing a mask–the action of covering/hiding the face–is the core of this movement piece. The figures form and re-form constructed identities through the use of white masks created by Mona Kakanj. Wildwood Flowers delves into the notion whether self (re)invention is possible. Do we simply obey norms deeply rooted in our education and socialization? Is being ourselves only a collection of conditions and experiences or are we able to tap into something deeper? Through this process of unveiling, Wildwood Flowers explores identity in its multitude of forms: gender, race, age, social.