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Hostages  | Open: 01/06/10 Close: 01/24/10
Two British professors have left their homeland for a war-zone. They are there on a mission of peace, but peace is hard to find when you’re chained to a radiator.

Yussef El-Guindi, (Back of the Throat, Jihad Jones and The Kalashnikov Babes), one of California’s most esteemed playwrights, presents a powerful telling of human behavior at its basest. HOSTAGES explores the intricacies of human nature when it is deprived of personal contact and torn from the pleasantries of every day life.

Award-winning director Jack Young; currently heading the University of Houston’s graduate program and former artistic director of both the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and The Warehouse Theatre leads Miscreant Theatre founder-actors, Jacob Knoll (The Creditors) and Jeff Barry (Creditors and Ivanov) in the telling of this explosive and timely play.

Ivanov  | Open: 06/10/09 Close: 06/28/09
Miscreant Theatre will ravage Chekhov's first full-length drama with a new adaptation by co-artistic directors Jacob Knoll and Jeff Barry. Ivanov offers a petri dish view into Chekhov's anti-hero - 32 year old Nicholas Ivanov - once prosperous and idealistic; now feckless, absent, and riddled with depression.

In this adaptation, Ivanov struggles to make sense of his vulgar existence while his wife tries to accept her lonely death. In a community obsessed with gossip and greed, Miscreant will investigate the underlying complexities of hate and love along with Chekhov's depraved sense of humor.

The Creditors  | Open: 03/25/08 Close: 04/06/08
In an exploration of human psychology, sexuality, jealousy, and need; Miscreant attacks August Strindberg's The Creditors. Infidelity and revenge wash through and accent this one hundred and twenty year old play which will resonate in the ears of twenty first century lads or misses fighting to find actuality in another and acceptance of themselves.

What is left when you are the definition of disgrace? How does one retrieve what never had been caught?