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Blackfriars Repertory Theatre, an apostolate of the Dominican Friars of the Province of Saint Joseph , was founded in 1998 by Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., as a revival of Blackfriars Theatre (1940-1972)—the first professional religious theatre ever tried in New York City and the oldest continuous Off-Broadway theatre in American stage history. Blackfriars provided the proverbial great first break to several acclaimed theatre artists including playwright Robert Anderson, and actors Geraldine Page, Patricia Neal, Anthony Franciosa, Darren McGavin, and Shelley Berman. Like the original Blackfriars, Blackfriars Rep carries on the mission of “producing plays of artistic merit that reflect the spiritual nature of man and his eternal destiny.” In its ten years of existence, Blackfriars Repertory Theatre has staged over twenty productions in New York City, regionally, and on tour in its commitment to “theatre dedicated to the human drama.”

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Production History

Dante's Hope  | Open: 04/04/08 Close: 04/13/08
An adaptation of a medieval miracle story transposed to present day California in which the Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe) contends with the devil (a mariachi band member) for the soul of a dead Mexican gang leader.
The Tidings Brought To Mary  | Open: 03/13/09 Close: 04/04/09
This is the first time that THE TIDINGS BROUGHT TO MARY has been seen in NYC since the Broadway premiere in 1922 / 1923. Set in 15th century France, Paul Claudel’s THE TIDINGS BROUGHT TO MARY is a mystery play that follows the tale of two sisters, one dedicated to the spirit and the other to the flesh.

In 1922, T.R. Ybarra wrote in The New York Times: “Paul Claudel, since last year French Ambassador to Japan, and for years one of the most discussed and most baffling of present-day writers, makes his bow to New York for the first time this Christmastide as a playwright. His medieval miracle play The Tidings Brought to Mary serves as his dramatic card of introduction. … It is safe to say that New Yorkers never saw anything quite like this play in the whole of the theatrical history of their city. For Claudel’s work is in a class by itself.” A poet, dramatist, diplomat and strong Catholic, Claudel is best known for his verse dramas, which often convey his devout faith.