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Manhattanpotamia: The Mysterious Elixir  | Open: 05/21/08 Close: 05/21/08
Are you ready for the sequel to The Not Quite Ready To Stop Waiting Tables Player's fall Commedia Dell'Arte Production?

718-640-5799 or 212-367-9000
or email: artistic@hyperiontheatreproject.com

The Story Continues!!!

When we last left the world of Manhattanpotamia, everything in the world seemed right: Lelio and Isabella were married, Rotunda went off with Il Capitano, and the wild zebra was returned to the Brooklandia Zoo.

As we return to Manhattanpotamia, Arlechina has temporarily lost her best friend, Gullabino. He will return someday, but in the mean time Arlechina is feeling pretty sad. Lelio reassures her that love always prevails in the end, someday she will have her friend back, and in the mean time if she allows herself to be open to it, she may find another great friend. Will she???

The entire city is buzzing with the news that Ferdinand and Francesca are going to be married. Everyone is thrilled with the news, except for Ragona and Cassandro. Ragona has always had a huge crush on Ferdinand, and Cassandro is Ferdinand's Uncle. With Ferdinand out of the picture, Cassandro would be the only person left to inherit his brother's (Peppe Nappa) huge fortune. The two hatch a plan to spoil the young lover's nuptials.

In the mean time, the young couple are being touted as the wedding of the century, and people are coming from everywhere to be witness to it. Lady Vanity and her son Gaylio are among the masses who make their way to Manhattanpotamia for the wedding.

Ragona and Cassandro seek out the apothocary, Brighella, and purchase a sleeping potion to knock out Ferdinand. Minutes before he is about to meet his bride at the alter, they use the potion on him and drag him off to a small cottage in the woods outside the city, where Ragona will convince him to love her.

Francesca is humiliated when she is stood up at the alter, and vows to find herself a new man. The entire city begins to scramble as every eligible single man in the city begins to seek out her attention.