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It is the Rapscallion Theatre Collective's goal and desire to evoke change, educate, and learn through our journey of performance art. To establish a community where fellow artists can feel a sense of freedom to pursue and conquer their artistic endeavors. To return to a time when theatre was not only viewed for its entertainment value, but also lead our audience toward a vision, thought, or memory; one that would support and guide them into making changes in their lives and/or surroundings. To use theatre not only as an art but, as an aid to better the human race and develop stronger relations within our communities.

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Production History

3rd Annual "Salute UR Shorts" New Play Festival  | Open: 05/28/09 Close: 05/31/09
Rapscallion Theatre Collective Presents

3rd Annual "Salute UR Shorts" New Play Festival

9 New shorts to the NYC stage!

The Weight by Steven Schutzman
dir. Jennifer Cintron
Michael Rivard
Joslyn Jensen

Reading with Friends by Crish Barth
dir. Mariah MacCarthy
Chris Doi
Jimmy Allen
Adam Law

Recognition by Patrick Gabridge
dir. Matthew Kreiner
Diana DeCarlo
Megan Lee

Speed Bumps by Brett Hursey
dir. Jeffrey Rega
Adam Law
Gillian Wiggin

Duo by Pedro Montalban-Kroebel
dir. Christophe Anderson
Reynold Malcom Hewitt
Michelle Burns

Oh, Momma by Megan Lohne
dir. Alex Runnels
Ryan Casey
Emily Rudolph

A Boy, A Girl and a Puppet with a Cowboy Hat by Damon Chua
dir. Jessica Newton
Henry Borriello
Katherine E. Sulenski
Michael Coyne

Secondhand Gifts by C.J. Ehrlich
dir. Jamie M. Mayer
Jessica Zodrow
Bridget Nason

Four Dry Tongues by Alex Dremann
dir. Lauren Reinhard
Nick Mitchell
Jennifer Cintron
Casey Joseph
Mary Greenawalt



A Quiet End  | Open: 09/25/08 Close: 10/05/08

Four men, one disease, and astonishing heart set the stage for a journey that will alter your perspective on an epidemic that continues to affect every community in the world. For the first time in almost two decades, The Rapscallion Theatre Collective brings Robin Swados's A Quiet End back to New York. Up-and-coming director Tom Rothacker directs the script, which has been freshly revised by the playwright especially for this production.

Taking place in the early 1980s, A Quiet End explores the lives of three men—a teacher, an aspiring jazz pianist and an unemployed actor—sharing a rundown apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. All have lost their jobs, all have been shunned by their families, and all have AIDS. The unexpected appearance in the apartment of an ex-boyfriend—uncertain about his own future—opens a poignant and thought-provoking evening of theater that explores the meaning of friendship, loyalty and love. By celebrating the lives of men who, in their most dire moment, become fearlessly life embracing, A Quiet End displays an abiding affection and generosity of spirit for the foibles, imperfections and, ultimately, quiet heroism of its quartet of protagonists.

Tom Rothacker - Director
Jennifer Cintron - Assistant Director
Alexandra Duerr - Stage Manager
Jess White - Costume Design
Andrew Lavault - Set Design
Chris Speziale - Production Manager

Featuring: Christophe Anderson, Aidan Kane*, Rony Sheer, Kelly Miller*, and Guy Wegener

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.

The All-american Genderf*ck Cabaret  | Open: 03/25/10 Close: 04/03/10
In a polarized world of pink versus blue, everyone deserves Technicolor.

In this intimately outrageous cabaret, eight gender stereotypes are plucked straight from pop culture: a Girly Girl, a Manly Man, a Nice Guy, a Gay Best Friend, a Slut, a Feminist Lesbian, and a Tomboy.  Guided by an androgynous, omnipotent MC intent on their redemption, they embark on eight sexy, hilarious journeys from stereotypes to Human Beings.  Along the way, hearts are broken, Pomeranians are purchased, the Pussies of America make their stand, and everyone does the “Single Ladies” dance.

Biting yet compassionate, this epic ensemble piece skewers everything from feminism to sexting; from acquaintance rape to infidelity; from homophobia and assault, to loneliness and the bass-ackwards ways we seek affection--just to name a few.  The sharp edges of caricature soften; connection replaces spectacle; and men, women, and none-of-the-aboves discover that in a polarized world of pink versus blue, everyone deserves Technicolor.

Featuring: Becca Blackwell, John Graham, Brendan Hunt, Tess Paras*, Timothy Ryan, Sofia Urista, Steve White, Yolanda K. Wilkinson*, Miranda Noelle Wilson*

Director: Krystal Banzon
Asst. Director: Jesse Geguzis
Lighting Design: Mike Gugliotti
Costume Design: Nina Vartanian
Set Design: Ashley Pridmore-Abrego
Sound Design: Karla Calderon
Movement: Sarena Kennedy
Visuals: Vidkidz (Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd)

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.

The Inferno Project  | Open: 03/06/08 Close: 03/16/08
A hapless man finds himself in the middle of the woods and is forced with a choice. How does he find his voice in a world where it's all been done before? How do you? The Inferno Project.

The beginnings of the story are familiar: a man disillusioned with his life enters a wood in search of something. What follows however, is all new, equal parts horror, humor and hope. Through the course of the play we follow Dante and Virgil out of the wood and through history as Dante struggles to find his voice and the story of his life in order to save it.

Following the concept of the play is its construction; Reinhard interweaves text from historical speeches and quotes from such notables as Malcolm X, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Margaret Thatcher, Sojourner Truth, and Martin Luther King, Jr. into her original script. The result is an accurate and heartbreaking look at America's past struggles and an equally hopeful look at its future.

Director: Lauren Reinhard
Asst. Director: Mariah MacCarthy
Stage Manager: Karen Tiongson
Set Design: Nic Neipert
Lighting Design: Ryan Metzler
Costume Design: Stephen Dunford
co-Artistic Director: Christophe Anderson
co-Artistic Director: Jennifer Cintron

The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek  | Open: 10/15/09 Close: 10/25/09
A poetic non-linear narrative of two teens, a trestle and a decision that changes the world that surrounds them.

A sobering look at one's worth when they are on the verge of having nothing and going nowhere. As two teens, Pace and Dalton, are trying to out-run a train and the future they know is quickly approaching.... one moment changes everything. An in-depth look into the Great Depression-era, that has an eerie echoing effect mirroring these modern times. This play begs the questions: What is a father to do when society tells him he is worthless? What is a mother to do when she is desperately trying to hold her family together? What are children to do when they look toward tomorrow and it is nowhere in sight? The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek.

Featuring: Alejandra Escalante, Robert Gilbert, Libby G. Collins*, Henry Wright, and Kevin Pinassi

Director: Christophe Anderson
Stage Manager: Alexandra Duerr
Lighting Design: Henry Borriello
Costume Design: Reynold Hewitt
Set Design: Christophe Anderson

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.