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Angels With Out Wings  | Open: 02/27/08 Close: 02/27/08
TCI College of Technology, A.W.O.W. Enterprises LLC.,
Dare to Dream, Dare to Repair, Robert Lubell &
Christian Santamaria productions
- Present:


Learn to live a different way! This is a story of the people who come into one's life with mixed impact! Angels With Out Wings takes you on an addicted person's journey through recovery with a 12 Step program. The Steps are portrayed as people. The "Angels With Out Wings are characters who embody the concept of "God working through people". They have names such as Church, Sponsorship, etc, and guide the Addict through this process, saving him from the Disease (The addiction personified) The underlying message is that any addiction is only symptom, the root is the behavior that leads to the addiction and the origin of that behavior.

Written by: Pam Rea
Directed by: Ruben Dario Cruz