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The Man Who Appear**ed.  | Open: 02/28/08 Close: 03/09/08
NAPOLIWOOD, a film production company based in Naples, Italy, together with LORETTA AUDITORIUM, a New York-based theater production company, present "The Man Who Appear**ed." Starring Obie-Award-winning actress Sheila Dabney as the Woman; Obie-Award-winning actor John Kohan appears as the Man. Inspired by a short story by Clarice Lispector. A woman, a successful writer, is shattered when confronted with the sudden appearance of an old acquaintance, a man she remembers as a talented and promising poet, now a down-and-out alcoholic—a failure. A live filming for soundstage through the lens of the theater. Open to the public. Including rushes of the day. From the daily news to our daily lives to what we remember from our dreams—it's all in the editing.