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where thoughts and concreipts are nurtured to maturity, and creativity, art and imagination comes to life.

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Glimpses Of A Modest Life  | Open: 03/20/08 Close: 03/23/08
A play about a Lawyer, a Writer, a couple of Drug Dealers, a Psychologist, a Prostitute, and a Private eye/FBI Agent who must all make life-changing decisions as they watch their dreams come undone!
They soon come to find that the thing about life is that you don't throw in the towel when one day you look up and suddenly realize that you ended up some place you never planned on going.
Join us as we follow this group of long-time friends from the graduating class of Nixon Big City High take their lives on an exciting and inspiring journey. It will be the most drama for your buck and a most wonderful way to spend your time.

Kevin is a successful lawyer who suffers from OCD. He has laid out a very detailed 10-year-plan for himself which does not include his girlfriend getting pregnant anytime soon. Will this occurrence be what sends him off the edge?

Annett is a quiet and forgiving happily married stay @ home mom with a flourishing writing career, until she learns that her husband is not so happily married. So much for the quiet forgiving woman thereafter!

Charity is a successful psychologist with a terrible secret. It was easy to pass her son Cory off as another man's as long as the real father wasn't around; But now that Cory's real father is back in town,how much longer will she be able to live with her lies?

Phyllis managed to rise above her rough upbringing --absent father, alcoholic mother and drug infested environment -- and became a successful paralegal and an active and respected member of the community. Will a relationship with a local drug dealer be what takes her back home?

Mike is a drug dealer who takes no prisoners, self proclaimed king of the streets. He's very good at what he does and his only focus is to get that money. Yeah sure he will never be an academic star like his brother Kevin the lawyer, but he eats well and maintains a better than comfortable lifestyle. He's sure he is doing the best he could with what life dealt him. What happens when he meets a prostitute who's not too far gone for redemption?

Constantine was completely in love with his college sweetheart when he decided to follow-through with his plans for higher education. He thought it was the only way to prove himself a hard-working responsible man worthy of her. Is it any wonder that he is heartbroken when he comes back to town only to find that his former flame is engaged to another man and already has a child?