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Hell for the Company  | Open: 02/29/08 Close: 03/09/08
When Clayton, a good-natured slacker, is surprised to find himself in the afterlife, where he has to deal with all of life's larger questions, and fast. Shocked to discover that Heaven's waiting room is not at all what he imagined, Clayton has to deal with the surly staff, a pair of smooth-talking sales people who may not have his best interests at heart, and the possibility that not only is there an all-powerful creator, but there is one who really enjoys watching Clayton squirm. Nothing on Earth has prepared Clayton for this, but he is going to have to think on his toes if he wants to get out of this with his soul in one piece.

Starring: John DeSilvestri, Tom Lacey, Michael Micalizzi, Caroline Eckman, Brianna Packen, and Mike Satow.