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Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

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A Girl Wrote It  | Open: 04/19/12 Close: 05/13/12

A Girl Wrote It is back again after its critical success in 2011.  This year, Wide Eyed Productions has upped the ante by bringing together some of the most gifted emerging and established female playwrights beingproduced today. 


From first flings and early love to failing bonds, exploration, and erotic courtship, the five stories in this year’s A Girl Wrote It will present comedies and dramas that explore relationships and contemporary issueswhich press and spark our imaginations.


Kicking off their fifth season with new Artistic Director Tim Butterfield at the helm, Wide Eyed Productions looks to establish itself as a new staple of the Off-Broadway scene with risk-taking, relevant theatre that highlights a richly talented and established ensemble of actors, directors, writers, and artists.



About the playwrights:


BEKAH BRUNSTETER was a part of A Girl Wrote It 2011 and is back again in 2012 with her play YES. Bekah has been produced Off-Broadway by The Atlantic Theater and Naked Angels. This fall Roundabout Theater will producer her play CUTIE AND BEAR and her play OOHRAH! is presently being produced at Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. Bekah is currently writing for a new MTV series, Underemployed.


HEATHER LYNN MACDONALD is loaning her talents to Wide Eyed in the form of her play EARLY MICHIGAN. Heather has previously been produced Off-Broadway by The New Group for her play EXPATS at Theater Row.


DEIRDRE O’CONNOR has been produced recently in Chicago and Off-Broadway. She has won an Emmy for her work on The Electric Company and penned a segment for the Lifetime original movie FIVE. Wide Eyed is thrilled to be producing her play PENICILLIN for A Girl Wrote It.


LAURA MARIA CENSABELLA is Wide Eyed’s Resident Playwright for the 2012 season and two of her plays will be included in AGWISTONES FALL, BIRDS FLY and POSING. Laura’s plays have been produced or workshopped by Ensemble Studio Theatre (where she is a member and runs the professional Playwrights Unit) The Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays, The Women's Project & Productions, The Working Theatre, Interact Theatre in L.A., and the Belmont Italian American Playhouse (which commissioned her play SOME GIRLS). Her one act play INTERVIEWING MISS DAVIS was produced in 2010 in Ensemble Studio Theatre’s One Act Marathon of Plays. For 2010/2011 she received an EST/Sloan Foundation Commission to write a new science-based play.  Ms. Censabella has been awarded three grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts: two in playwriting for ABANDONED IN QUEENS and THREE ITALIAN WOMEN, and has also been a two-time participant in the O'Neill Playwrights Conference. Her short play POSING was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE won the Tennessee Chapbook Prize for Drama.



About The Shows:


YES:  The question has been asked, but HE wants certain assurances and SHE wants all the facts before answering.


PENICILLIN:  John attempts to butter-up Jen by telling her, of all the women he’s given an STD, she’s the only one he’s visited at the clinic.  “Deirdre O'Connor's unexpectedly moving PENICILLIN finds John (an oddball James McMenamin) attempting to butter up Jen (Nancy McNulty in a resourceful performance) by telling her that of all the women that he's given a sexually transmitted disease to, she's the only one he visited in a health clinic. Which somehow comes off sweeter than it sounds.”  - The New York Times


EARLY MICHIGAN: Pam and Serge visit their friends, Kyle and Mia, who escaped the demands of living in New York to start a family. Pam and Serge struggle to take the next step in their lives, whatever it may be.


POSINGElaine has a plan to lift her out of the misery of her life, but it requires the help of the gruff and abusive bartender, Pete.


STONES FALL, BIRDS FLY:  Lenny, a self-made aviator, lives in a world that tells him he belongs on the ground, but all he wants to do is fly.




About the Artists:


By - Judith Goudsmit

Dir. Kristin Hoffman

Trish - Liz White 



By Bekah Brunstetter

Dir. Brian Hanscom

Man - Andrew Harris

Woman - Sarah Cook



By Erin Singleton

Dir. Kristin Hoffman

Performer - Amy Lee Pearsall



By Deirdre O’Connor

Dir. Rebecca Hengstenberg

John - Michael Komala

Jenny - Ali Scaramella 



By Liz Magee

Dir. Kristin Hoffman

Performer - Carly Knight 



By Heather Lynn MacDonald

Dir. Paul Takacs

Pam - Judy Merrick

Serge - Sky Seals

Mia - Lisa Mamazza

Kyle - Patrick Bonck



By Judith Goudsmit

Dir. Judy Merrick

Jona - Savvy Clement 



By Laura Maria Censabella

Dir. Tim Butterfield

Pete - Nate Faust

Elaine - Dana Mazzenga



By Laura Maria Censabella

Dir. Sherri Barber

Lenny - Curzon Dobell


About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

A World Elsewhere! Arias In The Key Of Clown  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/27/09
"It's OK to be lost... But I want to be lost with you.”

A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown is a story about love, loss, loneliness, and community in the big city. Using exlusively gibberish language, musical movement and vocals and traditional European clowing techniques, this ensemble based collaboration analyzes the migration of the artist to New York City and all the possibilities that lie therin. The ensemble of wanderers, captained by director/creator Ben Newman, begins an investigation into these themes with humor, art, beauty and love.
“The tradition of clowning demands that the human experience deny nothing. This inherently gives an audience the opportunity to look at the world in such a way they haven't before, and walk out of the theatre with an appreciation of the storm we all choose to live in.” –Ben Newman, Director-

This funny & inspirational ensemble collaboration depicts the migration of artists to NYC & all the possibilities therein. Inspired by traditional European clowning techniques, actors use movement & gibberish to tell the tale of love, loss and A World Elsewhere!

Featuring- Justin Ness*, Lucy McRae, Melissa Johnson, Andrew Harriss, Trevor Dallier, Monica Moreau and Neil Fennell

Flat Tire Moon  | Open: 04/25/10 Close: 05/11/10

This is the World Premiere of a new play by Ken Jennings, award winning playwright and actor (Writer's Digest Award for LULLABIES FOR MARY ROSE, Drama Desk Award and Theatre World Award for SWEENEY TODD)

After years of smight well be the last night of her life.  A deadly and erotic game of cat and mouse blurs the line between predator and prey.  Simmer tragedy- add cups of time- serve on a bed of lies for a sweet and dark comedy full of surprises.

Starring Marla Yost* and Ken Jennings* (appear courtesy AEA)

Goldilocks And The Three Polar Bears  | Open: 08/14/11 Close: 08/26/11
Goldi snapshotPart of FringeNYC!
That little brat
with the fabulous hair is at it again, but this time she’s found herself in the Alaskan tundra facing off with a family of Polar Bears.Neversatisfied with what she has, Goldilocks adds coal tothe stove untilthe bears’ house melts away to nothing!If Goldi doesn’t learn to do her part for the larger family, she’ll be the one outin the cold.

From the creators of ‘Jack and the Soy Beanstalk,’ (Bogard & Seals) comes a new feel-good musical adventure for parents and kids of all ages. With a rock-n-roll, pop and R&Bscore, Goldilocksand the Three Polar Bears featuresmultiple styles of puppetry and a cast oflive singing and dancing performers. Goldilocks herself is a sassy Muppet-puppetwithenough attitude to cover two continents!

Jerrod Bogard -  Director
Sky Seals -  Music Director
Robert Tomasulo -  Orchestrations
Brianna Linnehan - Stage Manager

Lia Menaker*, Lindsay Naas, Johanna Weller-Fahy*,     Okieriete Onaodowan*, Sky Seals*
(appear courtesy Actors Equity Association)

Goldilocks poster

Jennifer McDuffee - Scenic Artist/Painter
Jennifer Linn Wilcox -  Lighting Design
Sabrina Khan -  Costume Design
Maria Colaco -  Choreography
Goldilocks Puppet built by Jay Tyson (DrPuppet.com)
Dominic Lynch - percussionist

About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

Jack And The Soy Beanstalk  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/21/09
In this zany musical adventure Jack meets the Giant of big business and learns about self-reliance, conservation, and good ol’ American ingenuity. Filled with comedy, puppetry, and loads of heart— this show is sure to be a GIANT family hit.
A Broadway style musical for kids and families-- Jack and the Soy Beanstalk has an "Animaniacs-type" sense of humor and song styles that range from rock-a-billy to hip-hop and even some opera. A live band accompanies the actors in the telling of the tale, and several styles of puppetry are featured too. There's a surprise around every pea-pod!
Our story follows the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, but it's been re-tooled to relate to today's kids in today's America and their unique obstacles. I mean, how many kids do you know who have cows in their back yards? So, in our story, Jack must sell his family pick-up truck because the price of gasoline is driving them to the poorhouse. The giant isn't just some tall guy in the clouds. Our Giant is the C.E.O. of a "giant" farming corporation: Big Aggie Reaping Farms (B.A.R.F.). Through his battle with the Giant, Jack discovers that greed consumes itself, and that only through the help of our neighbors will we all prosper.

Much Ado About Nothing  | Open: 02/21/08 Close: 03/16/08
Shakespeare in a modern setting? Yeah, cuz that's original. ... What-ev.

Wide Eyed Productions' sets their second full-length production, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING in the heart of New York's trendiest neighborhood, and guess what, it feels right at home.

Isolated in their cozy enclave of the pampered and privileged, fearing not the distant wars in Arabia, saucy chicks and horny dudes make the process of hooking-up much harder than it needs to be. No, this isn't Williamsburg-- Oh wait. ... It is Williamsburg!

Welcome to Café' Messina, the hippest java joint in Willy-B, where you'll meet a barista named Beatrice who swears never to love a man. Queue the Indian door chimes, and enter Benedick. Just back from a big win the kickball championships on the west coast. Sparks fly as their friends attempt to couple these old foes. Is it a
love-lost cause, or a match made in hipster-heaven?

Wide Eyed Productions, the company that NYTheatre.com told you to "keep your eyes wide for whatever they do next," follows up the success of The Medea (read the rave review at NYtheatre.com) with this hilarious offering to the winter season.

Complete with ironic tag-line: "You're Mom's Much Ado About Nothing," this production is a hipster-magnet 400 years in the making.

Phedre  | Open: 11/06/08 Close: 11/23/08
Translated by Wallace Fowlie and directed by Aubrey Snowden.

Starring Kym Smith, Jake Paque, Genevieve Gearhart, Colin McFadden

The classic text in a fresh movement based theatrical production! With story, movement and stirring multimedia, Phédre examines the public's obsession with celebrities and how the media has turned otherwise ordinary citizens into virtual royalty. Witty, passionate and visually arresting, Phédre will have you squirming delightfully in your seat. If you spend your nights wondering about "Brangelina" and "TomKat," or even if you've never picked up a tabloid, you will be engrossed in Wide Eyed's production of this stirring tale.

Shakespeare's Henry Vi Part Iii  | Open: 07/01/10 Close: 07/24/10

The War of the Roses rages on! . . .

Revenge and Ambition  battle for the crown in this, the bloodiest chapter of the English Civil War. Part 3 stands on its own as an epic political struggle and (fans revel) tells the story or Shakespeare's most notorious monarch, Richard III.

Wide Eyed partners with the world-renowned Columbia University Directing MFA program in shining new light on the Bard of Avon’s infamous history cycle.

In the middle of the bloody maelstrom are two men with the forward momentum to take their country in wildly divergent directions. As one ascends to a higher state of existence no longer needing the trappings of a crown, the other descends to a dark and dangerous place where the crown is all that is visible in his sights.Cast List


Click here for TICKETS



The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot  | Open: 01/14/10 Close: 02/07/10
Simultaneously pious and profane, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot follows the Trial of the Millennium. Between Heaven and Hell, two attorneys argue the fate of the Bible's most infamous sinner, Judas Iscariot. Mother Theresa, Satan and Pontius Pilate are among the witnesses called to testify in Stephen Adly Guirgis's seriocomic look at free will, destiny, forgiveness and redemption. Religion has never been this real.

Watch the VIDEO PREVIEW by clicking here

The Spin Cycle: 5 Plays by Jerrod Bogard  | Open: 01/22/09 Close: 02/07/09
It's The O'Rielly Factor on Steroids. Dan Dillinger takes news entertainment to a new low in this collection of five plays by J Bogard amped up with all the multi-media trappings of a corporate media outlet. CLICK HERE for a YouTube VIDEO PREVIEW

With a through-line designed by the author , these new and proven pieces are directed by artists from companies like the Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project; the Internationalists; Lincoln Center Director's Lab, Wide Eyed Productions and more.

Political, tragic, hilarious and heartwarming, this 90-minute showcase is presented as an acute indictment of the American media and also an ambitious, fulfilling evening of theatre in the Players' Loft. (This is an AEA approved showcase.)

Martin Denton of NYTheatre.com will host a talkback discussion after the matinee performance, Sunday the 25th of Jan. 3 PM.

Bogard's plays have been produced in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Several of the plays presented here were developed at Shortened Attention Span's playwright's workshop in 2008.

THE PLAYS (click for pics) :

* Video interludes are directed by Brian Bernard– 2 time Emmy Nominated creator of CUNY TV's "Art or Something Like It."

Copper Green (premiere) directed by Anthony Augello– Board Member of Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project, Inc. While on vacation in New York City, a mid-western family takes a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty. But young Jake can't figure out why his big-brother should be overseas fighting for this ugly statue. Only in New York City could you see this scene on your daily commute.

Hedge (premiere) directed by Jake Witlen– co-founder of the Internationalists and member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab. Sunbathing beauties argue the merits of the new privacy hedge while the paparazzi snap pictures in the Hollywood Hills. The hysterical ending has us asking, are the hedges designed to keep people from seeing in or from seeing out?

Just Your Average G.I. Joe directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann– Artistic Director of Wide Eyed Productions and starring the playwright as Justin, a hawkish war vet pushed to give his unique view on yellow ribbons. This monologue play was part of Bogard's award-winning triptych, Plays for the Sunni Triangle.

First Base Coach directed by Neil Fennell, Award Winning director from University of Northern Colorado. Nine year-old Ben meets 11 year-old Amy for a date on the baseball field. He's been instructed on how to get a girl to first base, but he's not exactly sure what he's supposed to do once they get there. Lucky for him, Amy knows the score. Remember your first time on first?

Jerome Via Satellite (premiere) directed by Justin Ness. It's 8,000 miles from Dallas to Baghdad, and it's been two years since Jerome has seen his family back home. Now #1 cable news show, "The Spin Cycle," is proud to reunite them through a video satellite feed. Millions of viewers are watching live, and they're going to see a good deal more than the network promos promised they'd see.


"[Bogard] must hear dialogue rather than create it. . ... [He] knows his characters and writes them well." - Sarah Happel - SoCal.com

"It's pretty rare to see a political piece that responds to events in wholly original ways, and audiences are as likely to be offended as moved by Bogard's work." -- Anthony Nelson, NYTheatre.com

Produced by Shortened Attention Span and Wide Eyed Productions.