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BAM: Brides Against Monsters  | Open: 12/05/08 Close: 02/28/09
  Magnet Theater heavyweights Jon Bander, Alan Fessenden and Alex Marino present a late night of sketch comedy in BAM: Brides Against Monsters. The show is a collection of the strongest material from their summer experimental show, We Think This Might Work. Careening from the courtrooms of the Deep South, to the classrooms of Anytown U.S.A., the interrogation rooms of hard-boiled cops, to the living room of three old ladies on the verge of multiple deaths, BAM keeps an eye to the absurd, an ear to the surreal, and a finger on the dumb and playful.

BAM, Jon Bander (Phooka, Her Majesty's Stand-Up), Alan Fessenden (Hello Laser) and Alex Marino (Hello Laser, director of Lead McEnroe) have been training and performing at Magnet Theater since its inception.

Bordertown  | Open: 03/14/07 Close: 03/17/07
Bordertown is a clever new comedy and the first stage play by experienced screenwriter and comic book author Steve Ives. It tells us the story of a motley crew of dreamers, orphans, convicts, gamblers, domestic terrorists and quite possibly God himself in a fateful meeting at a little diner near the California/Mexico border. When a hostage situation breaks out in the diner during a freakish tornado, the group learns how they arrived at this seemingly final pass and learn about themselves, each other, spirituality and the lack of true coincidence in day-to-day life. Bordertown asks questions that affect us all, while giving witty humor to a dire situation.
Lead MacEnroe  | Open: 09/06/08 Close: 01/04/09
Remember that dive bar you always ended up at after work? That movie theater where you had your first kiss? That go-kart place you went for your eighth birthday? Lead McEnroe hopes you do. Working from a single suggestion of a place from your memory, we'll show you what happens when the bar closes down for the night, the girl runs home to her parents, and the go-kart operator decides to go for one of his joy-rides. Lead McEnroe presents their original long-form, Songs of the Cul-De-Sac.
Megawatt  | Open: 01/05/06 Close: 01/05/06
High-Powered improv from Magnet's own. Every Thursday and Saturday our resident ensembles gather to entertain audiences with various forms of improv comedy, originally developed in Chicago. The forms are constantly evolving, and no two shows are the same. Come see what your favorites are up to this week.
Megawatt  | Open: 06/22/11 Close: 07/07/11
 High-powered improv from Magnet's own Super Groups. Our resident ensembles gather to dazzle audiences with various forms of improv comedy. The forms are constantly evolving, and no two shows are the same. Come see what your favorites are up to this week. 

O’Donnellogues  | Open: 09/23/08 Close: 09/30/08
Ever picked your grandfather over your grandmother to read you a story? Then you understand some people have the gift of storytelling and others are good at doling out the gumdrops. Back after a long hiatus, John O'Donnell is blessed with blarney as he rolls on about love, life and dancing in his long-running, hilarious one-man show
The 11th Annual New York Musical Improv Festival  | Open: 03/12/20 Close: 03/15/20
The 11th Annual New York Musical Improv Festival is a four-day festival celebrating the art of long-form musical improv comedy hosted by the Magnet Theater. This year's festival will feature over 300 musical comedy performers from across the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom improvising everything from the traditional musical theater fare to adrenaline-pumping rap battles and from rock concerts to bluegrass with a dash of sci-fi thrown in for good measure! 

Now in its 11th year, NYMIF has featured Tony Award-winning performers, improvised cabarets, Sondheim to hip-hop, college teams, duo and solo shows, improvised musical versions of TV genres from Law & Order to Star Trek — plus the cast and band from Broadway's Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and members of Freestyle Love Supreme — both of which ran on Broadway!

Most tickets are $7-$15 and feature performances by two to four different musical improv acts per show. Festival Workshops are also being offered to people of all levels of experience!
Tickets and Workshops are available for purchase at


The Made-Up Musical!  | Open: 01/05/07 Close: 01/05/07
The Made Up Musical sings and dances its way onto the Magnet Theater stage with a one of a kind comedy musical every week! After getting a story from an audience member, the cast weaves together a full one-act musical, complete with all the songs, trappings, and melodrama you'd expect from our friends on Broadway. The difference? It's all improvised right before your very eyes.

The Made-Up Musical stars Magnet instructors John O'Donnell, Tara Copeland, Alex Marino and Louis Kornfeld, along with seasoned improvisers Scott Glover, Jessica Allen, Robin Rothman, and Megan Gray.

Music provided by the unrivaled Frank Spitznagel

The Manhattan Women’s Suffrage Movement Presents: The First Annual Carnival Of T  | Open: 02/12/08 Close: 03/04/08



Ladies and gentlemen, in this new original comedy play, 1901 and the Woman's Suffragette Movement is looking for some traction on the whole getting women the right to vote thing... and what better way to get the public's attention than to host a spiritualism convention whose main attraction is Madam Touche', a French-ish medium who says she can talk to the dead. However, it just might be that Touche' is the least odd one at this carnival, full of scam artists and specious soothsayers, dubious orphans and arrogant socialites, serial killers and ex-Minnesotans, who are all trying to pull one over the other to get what they want, including those women getting the right to vote!

You'll have to see it to not believe a word of it!

TMWSMPTFACOTU is an original production directed by Gary Rudoren (of Chicago's The Annoyance Theatre, Seond City, and author of McSweeney's Comedy by the Numbers) and written by Alison Bennett, Leanne Linsky, Ruby Marez, Alex Marino, Anna Lisa McClelland, Lauren Olson, Rebecca Teran. The cast includes the writers and Jen Sanders and Betsy Hoffman.

The Spotlight with Sean Taylor  | Open: 05/30/08 Close: 05/30/08
A real talk show meets really good improv. Be a part of the live studio audience at a taping of The Spotlight complete with a host, sidekick, band leader, desk pieces, video clips and guests who's real life experiences on television are used as inspiration for scenes exploring the impact our 15 minutes of fame have on the rest of our lives.


HOST: Sean Taylor
SIDEKICK: Matt Shafeek
BAND LEADER: Ernie Privetera
MUSICAL GUEST: The Curtsies (Robin Rothman & Babsy Singer)
DIRECTOR: Shawn Amaro

SPECIAL GUEST: Starr Kendall

The Tiny Spectacular  | Open: 07/09/08 Close: 08/09/08
Second City Alumni, Magnet Instructors and their special guests turn a suggestion into a seamless improv show, exploring various characters and themes, all exploding onto the Magnet stage every week.Recommended by TIME OUT NEW YORK

Rachel Hamilton, Ed Herbstman, Abby Sher, Miriam Tolan, Tara Copeland, James Eason, Jason Mantzoukas and Christine Walters