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"Arroz con Pollo" Staged Reading  | Open: 03/21/08 Close: 03/21/08
This is a staged reading of the new play "Arroz con Pollo", by Edward H. Hernandez, Ph.D
Synopsis: Nathan, a corporate climber, befriends Victor, the Puerto Rican janitor, who regularly cleans his office late-night. He also meets Angela, Victor's daughter, who regularly delivers a home-cooked meal for her father at work. Angela challenges Nathan to save her father's job from a suspected layoff. Angela and Nathan become buddies, and she eventually brings him meals when she hears he likes a sample of the food given to him by Victor. Angela becomes interested in Nathan, however, Nathan's attention is on Emily, another junior executive, who is the boss's daughter. Nathan tries to impress his boss so he makes a tough layoff recommendation. He befriends Emily who wants to escape her father's control. Victor advises Nathan against the layoffs. The layoff becomes reality. A drunk, and depressed, laid off worker drives his car, accidentally killing Angela. A depressed Nathan contemplates quitting but is forgiven by Victor.