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As we speak  | Open: 11/07/08 Close: 11/23/08
"This is not the time to question authority. You are either with America, or you are not." In a post-9/11, post-Katrina world full of the politics of fear and doctrines of intolerance and hate, what are we willing to sacrifice for our own sense of security? What liberties are we willing to give up so we can go to bed at night? Inspired by Sinclair Lewis' classic It Can't Happen Here , AS WE SPEAK shows the drastic effects on the average American if what eventually emerges as a fascist dictatorship legally wins the American Presidency. Commissioned by RTC, AS WE SPEAK takes a look at what could happen in an America stripped of her civil liberties and the dangers of too much power in the wrong hands.
Bordertown  | Open: 04/25/08 Close: 05/11/08
(RE:) DIRECTIONS THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to announce this production of BORDERTOWN, directed by Tom Berger. BORDERTOWN will play a three-week limited engagement at 14th Street Theater (344 East 14th Street). Performances begin Thursday, April 24th and continue through Sunday, May 11th. Opening Night is Thursday, April 24th (8 p.m.). Press are invited starting the first performance, Thursday April 24th.

In a remote and run-down café, Fate brings nine disparate characters together as a tornado thunders in. But appearances are deceiving, and there is always something stranger hidden beneath. Gangsters, gamblers, waitresses, cops, the damnable and the Damned and maybe even God Himself meet in a dusty little diner on the Calexico border to find out the meanings of Fate and redemption.

The production features scenic design by Jack Blacketer, costume design by David Withrow, and lighting design by Tim Kaufman. Henry Akona is the sound designer and Courtney Ferrell is the stage manager.

BORDERTOWN plays the following regular schedule through Sunday, May 11th:

Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (no Wednesday performance in the first week)
Thursdays at 8 p.m.
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Sundays at 2 p.m.

There will be no performance on Sunday, April 27th, instead there will be a 2 PM and an 8 PM performance on Saturday, April 26th.

Tickets are $18 and are now available online at www.SmartTix.com, by calling 212-868-4444 and one-hour prior to show time at the theater.

*Running time: 2:00 *

Celebration  | Open: 12/27/07 Close: 01/06/08
Celebration is a musical with a book and lyrics by the renowned team behind The Fantasticks, Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt.

An avant-garde fable set on New Year's Eve, it focuses on four characters: Orphan, an idealistic and cheerfully optimistic young man, in possession of the stained-glass eye of God, who reminds Edgar Allen Rich, a wealthy but jaded old man, of his younger self; Angel, a sweet entertainer who longs to be "somebody"; and Potemkin, a Loki-like character who serves as narrator, commentator, and advisor. Surrounding them are a chorus known as the Revelers, who take on various roles throughout the action of the play, a group masked by the impersonal industrialism of their society, obediently following the rich man's demands but secretly aiding the boy who sees and respects them as individuals.

At the musical's core is the struggle between youth and old age, innocence and corruption, love and ambition, and poverty and wealth, as Angel tries to decide if she would be better served by her feelings for Orphan or Rich's willingness to fulfill her every dream. ***

Time Magazine called Celebration in 1969 "intimate and beguiling and it has a distinctive personality rather than a powerhouse complex. It is one of those good things that come in small packages."

Edward II  | Open: 11/29/07 Close: 12/16/07
This production of Edward II is a contemporary interpretation of Marlowe's tale of the young king whose power is threatened by members of the old regime as a result of the choices he makes in his personal life. Edward II is relevant today because of current debates about gay marriage and civil unions, as well as the highly partisan political struggles that rage on. Edward II examines both the prejudices and hate that can exist in humans and our desire for power. This reinvention of this classic explores power versus weakness, establishment versus youth and naivety versus jaded experience.