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Jane Eyre  | Open: 02/14/08 Close: 03/02/08
Mergatroyd Productions presents JANE EYRE, one of the greatest love stories of English literature. In this new theatrical adaptation by N.G. McClernan, the story opens with Rochester's plaintive cry for his beloved Jane and unfolds in flashbacks to reveal the heroine's transformation from a mistreated little girl into a woman in control of her own destiny. True to the original work, JANE EYRE illuminates the timeless story of the lovers as they struggle to overcome fate.

Mary Murphy (Artists Descending a Staircase) and Greg Oliver Bodine* (writer / performer of solo adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol) perform as Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester. Alice Connorton* (Broadway: National Actor's Theatre revival of Inherit the Wind), Bruce Barton* (Busted Jesus Comix, Blue Coyote Theater Company) Nat Cassidy* (The Rise and Fall of Miles & Milo, Fringe NYC) and Hannah Snyder-Beck (The Seventeenth of June, Mint Theatre) round out the cast.

The creative team includes Viviane Galloway (costume design), Annalisa Loeffler (dialect coach), Reagan Wilson (assistant director/choreographer) Charles Jeffreys (photography) and Corrine Fuhrman (hair/makeup.) The stage manager is Amanda Elaan.

Playwright N.G. McClernan is the founder of NYCPlaywrights ( Her plays include Tam Lin, Monkey's Paw 2000 (Midtown International Theatre Festival), The Slash (Looking Glass Theatre), Blessings of the Sun God (Co-Founder), New Rules (Philadelphia Fringe Festival) and I See London (The Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia). Her play, Huck Finn, was recently part of the Metropolitan Playhouse Twainathon, and was performed in October 2007 by Steel City Theatre for the Pueblo Reads festival in Pueblo Colorado.

Jane Eyre  | Open: 02/14/08 Close: 03/02/08
Jane Eyre has grown up orphaned and unloved. At age eighteen she takes a job as governess for the enigmatic Edward Rochester. Jane falls in love with Rochester in spite of his odd behavior but her love is tested when the horrible truth about Rochester is revealed. Jane is forced to choose between love without morality, or morality without love.
Stress And The City  | Open: 01/24/09 Close: 02/08/09
Mergatroyd Productions Presents Stress and The City, a collection of new plays by New York playwright N. G. McClernan.

Eight Short Plays Set in NYC
Written/Directed by N. G. McCLERNAN
January 24 – February 8, 2009 LIMITED ENGAGEMENT
Penny Templeton Studio Theatre 261 W. 35th Street 3rd Floor
Tickets $15 available via Theatremania -212-352-3101 or 1-866-811-4111

Only in New York would you find Mellow Jesus and Angry Jesus battling it out in a diner, “A Bear of Very Little Brain” in Central Park, a stage diving mom, a love lorn cartoonist, and a Kung Fu fighting dog defender. This Limited Engagement of 8 short plays includes: Fox Force Five, Personal Jesus, Pooh Story, Stage Diving, The B Word, Mr. Black, Happily Married, The Helicopter.

STRESS AND THE CITY features performances in multiple roles by Bruce Barton*, Lynsey
Buckelew, Ann Farthing, Nick Fondulis*, Lori Kee,* Mike Selkirk and Phoebe Summersquash.
(members of AEA – this is an Actors’ Equity Showcase Code production.)