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Highwire Theatre presents Testing the Line 2008  | Open: 03/30/08 Close: 05/04/08
Highwire Theatre is proud to announce their second annual Testing Line new play competition. This year's series includes three diverse and promising works in progress. Wreckage, by award-winning playwright Caridad Svich, kicks off the series with her distinctive flair. She utilizes the juxtaposition of contemporary text against ancient Greek themes to tell a story that is both unique and archetypal. Adriana Baer directs. Chad Baker's new play A Snake That Eats Itself follows. In this thoughtful character study, Baker tell the story of what happens when we are forced to stop running, face the past and, as a result, confront the truth. Dev Bondarin returns to Testing the Line to direct. The series rounds out with Sympathy by Daniel McCoy. Employing original songs as a lens through which to frame the story, McCoy explores how longing and self-pity can color our perception to the point where we no longer recognize our own actions. Heidi Handelsman directs.
Iphigenia at Aulis  | Open: 12/06/07 Close: 12/16/07
Highwire Theatre is proud to open their inaugural season with Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides, directed by Jill Landaker, running from December 6 through December 16, 2007. This classic Greek tragedy tells the story of the ultimate sacrifice that a family must make in the name of one man's ego. The Greek fleet assembles in the bay of Aulis prepared to launch an attack on Troy, but the wind suddenly drops and the ships stand idle. The army blames their leader who, in danger of losing his command, panics and jumps to a solution: to sacrifice his own daughter in return for a favorable wind. Utilizing the tension between a cold, harsh, propaganda-filled, war-hungry world and the women who enter it, this production explores the ease with which Clytemnestra and Iphigenia are transformed from dutiful wife and innocent child to murderer and warrior by a single event. The design concept explores the repetition of this event and its characters, both contemptuous and heroic, throughout history. Iphigenia will showcase original music by Kendall Jane Meade of Mascott. A fixture in the New York indie pop scene, Kendall has had songs featured on "Grey's Anatomy" and "The OC".

Highwire Theatre
Mission: We at Highwire Theatre are committed to providing our audience with the context and inspiration to reevaluate and develop new perspectives on assumed truths of the human experience. To this end, we will dedicate each season to the exploration of one theme across genre, period, and structure. The world premiere of a Highwire-developed new play rounds out each season. This world premiere is chosen for development and full production from Testing the Line, our annual month-long series of staged readings of new works.

History: Highwire Theatre was originally conceived in September 2005 as a short-term venture to produce the New York premiere of In the Absence at the Fall Fashion Playfest. Its members quickly recognized the strength and potential of their collaboration and decided to capitalize on it.

The King Is Dead  | Open: 08/07/08 Close: 08/17/08
Five teenagers, a culturally-enlightening class trip to Graceland, and a few too many supernatural occurrences throw social norms and lifelong bonds into upheaval. How do you cope with you can no longer trust the one person you thought would always be on your side? This cutting-edge production features Evan Greene, Liz Holtan, Lucas Kavner, Jessica Kaye, and Andy Stokan.