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APPEARANCE - A Suspense in Being  | Open: 11/29/07 Close: 12/09/07
"Between stillness and motion the great beat of being." -Octavio Paz

We set out to make a piece about the theatre itself, A poetic drama about the enigma of living human presence – to get to the soul of live acting, the presence of the actor. We want to show you what we found beneath the character, the narrative, and the technologies of representation Through an unfolding sequence of solo exhibits and ensemble scenes, four actresses approach acting in the way that jazz musicians approach music. The mostly non-verbal forms are dynamic and rhythmical, composed of micro-narrative fragments drawn from the actors immediate experience.

Appearance was created through a five month workshop process. It began with technique training in Meyerhold's Biomechanics and extended into a kind of "jazz acting". Its about velocity and perception and the enigma of human experience in a techno-spectacular culture, a world in which real-time human presence struggles to appear.

We invite you to join us in our beautiful white-box performance space to witness this one hour jewel of a piece.

Appearance includes music by Carlo Altomare and Joerg Burger and the film: "Loretta" by Jeanne Liotta

Limited seating Reservations recommended. Tickets $15 -- Students $10