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A Dead Man's Apartment & Face Divided with Steven William’s Sister with Intense Monologues  | Open: 06/20/07 Close: 06/24/07
A Dead Man's Apartment is a farce about an adulterous couple enjoying their afternoon affair, until a message on the answering machine changes everything. Will this be the day that they tell their spouses the truth? Will they leave their spouses and live happily ever after?

Face Divided is the story of a young wife and mother who reaches her breaking point, desperately longing for things to be as they were. The setting of this poignant one act play takes place in an emergency room of a hospital as Debbie waits to find out the fate of her three year daughter whom she says has accidentally fallen down the stairs.

Steven William's, Sister with Intense Monologues (S.W.I. M.) is a monologue series where women of color express their pain about love and life through expressive comedic and dramatic monologues.
Buried Child  | Open: 11/07/07 Close: 11/18/07
Sam Shepard achieved national fame and attention with his 1979 Pulitzer Prize-winning family drama, Buried Child. At it's center is an American Midwestern family with a dark, terrible, haunting secret. The play is a darkly comic portrait of a family brought to its knees by betrayal, adultery, and murder.