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Einstein Secret Letters (a love story)  | Open: 09/26/05 Close: 10/02/05
Based upon the recent discovery at the Princeton University Library of love letters written by Albert Einstein to his close friend Johanna Fantova, this play delves into the intense feelings they shared for one another. Einstein's Secret Letters explores the great man's dilemma of isolation and disappointment at the twilight of his life. The play also explores his humanitarian efforts and depicts his little known friendship with famed African American actor and social activist Paul Robeson. In this production, the startling portrayal of Einstein as a lover, pacifist, and critic of politics in Post War Israel and the United States are vividly brought to light.
Everything Will Be Different  | Open: 04/07/05 Close: 04/30/05
Set adrift by the loss of her mother, alienated by her father's unwillingness to cope, teenage Charlotte finds refuge in the story of Helen of Troy, comforted by the idea that beauty and desire can destroy the world. In this quirky and mysterious new play - EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT - Mark Schultz explores teenage sexuality using history as a springboard into the unstable eroticism of a daughter grieving for her mother.
No Dice  | Open: 12/06/07 Close: 12/31/07
NO DICE is culled from over 100 hours of taped telephone conversations with actors, friends and family about their jobs, personal problems, aspirations and dreams. NO DICE is described by Nature Theater of Oklahoma as, "An epic of the everyday blown to transcendental proportions. The company filters the material of their own lives though the conventions of amateur dinner theater to arrive at a uniquely mind-altering experience."

The play is performed by Anne Gridley, Thomas Hummel, Robert M. Johanson, Zachary Oberzan and Kristin Worrall. Music is by Lumberob and Kristin Worrall; production design is by Peter Nigrini.

Not Clown  | Open: 03/16/06 Close: 03/25/06
In a world where circuses have been banned, a renegade troupe re-enacts the story of a girl who longs for their outlawed clown life. Sublimely ridiculous, deeply moving, and at the same time a troubling allegory, NOT CLOWN is "political in ways that go beyond the politics of moment ... fierce, subtle, totally satisfying" (Austin American-Statesman).
Peninsula  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/04/06
In the foreign, yet strangely familiar land of Peninsula, the shops are closing. The Priest is seduced, and the Doctor has been called away to the authorities. Flora's marriage dissolves, unleashing political and intimate repercussions. A work showing what it means to live in a culture of contentment surrounded by raging violence.


Sam Rudy

Philoktetes  | Open: 10/13/07 Close: 10/28/07
Ten years after abandoning Philoktetes on an island, his fellow soldiers return to retrieve him, now needing him to win the Trojan War: Jesurun creates a war-of-wills chamber piece about a formidable and broken man unwilling to fight in his comrades' war. PHILOKTETES has lighting design by Jeff Nash and costume design by Ruth Pongstaphone.
The Thugs  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 10/28/06
A dark comedy about work, thunder and the mysterious things that are happening on the 9th floor of a big law firm. When a group of temps try to discover the secrets that lurk in the hidden crevices of their workplace, they realize they would rather believe in gossip and rumors than face dangerous realities.