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Ex.Pgirl stands as a call for an “experimental” and “expatriate” theater by women. Its mission is to create original performance works that address cultural identity in today's globalized community, featuring the talents of a diverse group of female performers of various nationalities and performance backgrounds. Dedicated to a collaborative development process, Ex.Pgirl works in close association with artists hailing from Japan, Argentina, United States, Peru, France, Korea, and Puerto Rico, who now reside permanently in New York. Influenced equally by high art and pop cultural references, Ex.Pgirl’s world is a whimsical tapestry of scenes, songs, games, video interviews, dances and text that create a layered landscape of poetry and meaning for audiences. In a style somewhere between Pina Bausch and The Monkees, Ex.Pgirl uses satire, humor and parody along with powerful visual imagery to create a landscape of cross-cultural interactions, misunderstandings, and revelations resulting in innovative storytelling in which nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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Production History

10 Plates  | Open: 10/24/07 Close: 10/28/07
10 Plates is a multicultural journey that traverses the intersections among urban myths, true horror stories, and food. In their humerous, visual, and quirky style of physical theatre, Ex.Pgirl treads the line between danger and humor, revealing the ridiculous, disturbing and heartbreaking aspects of everyday fears.

In 10 Plates, five performers share stories from their distinct cultures. These stories, expressed through movement, video, song, and different languages, examine the nature of fear and how it is embedded in different cultures. The various scenes lend a quirky, humorous tone to the piece which the performers capitalize on: never taking themselves too seriously. And yet, their stories and actions poignantly reveal the crippling power that fear has over people.

"10 Plates does not make light of peoples' fears," say Ex.Pgirl artistic co-directors Bertie Ferdman and Suzi Takahashi, "but re-contextualizes them, allowing viewers to experience both terror and laughter as two sides of the same coin."

Paris Syndrome  | Open: 06/03/10 Close: 06/19/10
Each year, a dozen or so 30-something Japanese women vacation in Paris, only to lose their minds. The only cure is never to go back. Watch as the six women of Ex.Pgirl journey to their own 'Paris,' combining theatrical, musical and cinematic genres into a riotous world of desires, delusion and disappointment. In a one-of-a-kind theatrical event driven by language games, spoken scenes, video interviews, vaudeville and dance, Ex.Pgirl investigates themes of identity, gender, place, expectations and belonging...all through a multicultural lens.

Paris Syndrome features performances by Bertie Ferdman, Suzi Takahashi, Elsa Carette, Valerie Issembert, Kiyoko Kashiwagi and Soomi Kim.

This production features Original Music by LaBulo, Set Design by Obie Award-winning Peter Ksander, Video Design by Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty, Lighting Design by Lucrecia Briceno, Sound Design by Mike Rugnetta, and Technical Direction by Nathan Lemoine. Since 1993, the OBIE-winning HERE has been one of New York’s premier arts organizations