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FrankEinstein Presents:  | Open: 10/24/07 Close: 10/24/07
Only a comedian could have come up with our perspective on the universe today.

Albert Einstein was almost always joking, so in our play he's taken the obvious next step. Seeing as he made time relative, we returned the favor: Instead of being stuck in the patent office he earns his living in a more modern career better suited to the truly ahead-of-its-time irreverent attitude that had doomed him to be banished from the academic world.

Still, we do ask him about that little bit of work he did on the side. Fortunately, he has brought clips of the famous "Thought Experiments" straight from the mind of the 16 year old who started it all. Before becoming the philosopher king of playboys, he was a hopeless romantic. Since The Professor liked to think things through by "personifying" concepts, we took the liberty of combining his quests. He conjures up Lightbeam, the perfect woman, and the girl who got away. Instead of imagining himself chasing a beam of light and pondering what would happen if he caught it, in this "Light Romance," he has to figure out why there is one girl he cannot catch. And the fate of the universe depends on his answer!